Most terrible online experience

I will say in short

I’ve being playing online games like 15 years and Forza Horizon 4 is the most terrible online game ever in my hundreds of played game experiences. Me and my 3 friends were trying to play together and we couldn’t even play one race without disconnection or game crush. Building the party is clumsy and horrible. The system is thinking and loading so long to build up the party, that the race time was like 10 minutes and building and finding the race was stretching 20 minutes. If we were lucky and get in mach, someone was interconnecting or crushing.

Waste of time and money

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Although I don’t like online games in general (too much waiting around, connection issues/lag, no pausing, toxic players), I will agree that playing with friends in FH4 is WAY more difficult than it should be. Which is a real shame, given that doing a convoy and races with friends can be great fun. Unfortunately the only multiplayer modes that are easy to access are the Eliminator and adventure/PGG/trials random matchup messes that players are pushed to participate in via the festival playlist, showcasing the very worst that Horizon has to offer.

same its gotten worst by updates

edited to reduce my ranting, yes, the multiplayer of this game is a mess, needs a complete rework going into FH5