Most Successful/Favorite/Most Valuable Car?

So i was looking at my stats and saw the “favorite” as well as the “most successful” and “most valuable” categories in the General tab and thought it might make a fun thread to list what our respective vehicles are in said categories. Well, for me its:
Favorite Car: Jeep Willys - I used to drive this around a lot when i first started FH3 and used it to find all the bonus boards.
Most Valuable Car: Ferrari 250 TR
Most Successful Car: #199 WRX VT15r - Was my Brz He until i sold it and all my HE cars in the Auction House.
Random other thing, just noticed my winnings was a flat 200 million and my garage value was 254 million lol. So yall’s can post those too if you so wish lol.

To those who don’t know where to find your stats, it’s on the progress tab, because there will be someone who doesn’t know where to find it lol.

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Don’t judge me because I haven’t had the game that long!

Favorite car: Porsche 918
Most Valuable car: Porsche 718
Most Successful car: Tamo Racemo '17
Winnings: 8,538,891
Garage Value: 12,486,300

Favorite car: 95’ Ford Mustang Cobra R (My first ever real life car…well, the V6, not the Cobra R…)
Most Valuable car: ???, pretty sure it’s one of the barn finds
Most Successful car: 95’ Ford Mustang Cobra R (Every Exhibition was blueprinted so I could use this car)
Winnings: ???
Garage Value: ???

Favourite car: Hurracan 14 HE (Nissan GTR HE might be catching up),
Most valuable car: Alfa 33 Stradale (I’m on my 2nd garage, bought some of the 10M CR ones in my my 1st garage then sold them)
Most successful car: Subaru BRZ HE
Garage value: 169,536, 987 (2nd garage, sold/deleted the 1st)
Winnings: 327, 791,288


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Favorite car: BMW M4 (Just because I switch cars a lot but I feel like it should be my Koenigsegg One:1)
Most Valuable car: Ferrari 166MM
Most Successful car: 2016 Dodge Viper ACR
Winnings: 41,688,195
Garage Value: 93,872,785 (Heh)

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Favourite car: Nissan Silvia '92 (S13), my go-to drift car.

Most valuable car: Ferrari 250 LM

Most successful car: Lamborghini Aventador '12 (did most of the street races and a bunch of exhibitions in it, has a few top 10 rival leaderboard times too)

Winnings: 152,835,372

Garage value: 131,003,796

Favorite car: Agera ( which I dont understand, i’ve driven it 3 times maybe) Should be the FXX K
Most Valuable: Ferrari 250LM
Most Successful: Focus RX (another one i hardly drive)
Garage: 383
Garage Value: 205M

Favorite cars: 74 Toyota Celica GT

Most Valuable Car: Ferrari 250LM

Most Successful car: 97 Honda Civic Si hatchback

Winnings: $98, 233, 358 CR

Garage Value : $102, 697, 525 CR

Cars Owned: 382

Favorite Car Lambo LP 5000 HE

Most Expensive Ferrari 166 MM

Successful Jag F Type HE

Winnings 157,052,610

Garage Value 130,721,970

Parts 8,573,770

Cars Owned 483

Favourite Car: Shelby Daytona
(I’m not a great drifter so getting 3 stars on all took a LONG time and this was the car I used)

Most Valuable Car: Ferrari 250 LM

Most Expensive Purchased: Shelby Daytona

Most Successful: Mercury Coupe
(I have a drag tune that beats most other Mercury’s)

Cars in Garage: 418
Total Winnings: 87+ Million
Garage Value: 173+ Million
Garage Parts: 15+ Million

My driver level is 623

Most Valuable Car: Ferrari 250 LM (got it via forzathon) The most valuable car that I actually bought from the car show is the McLaren F1 GT got all the lesser valuable cars below it.
Favorite Car: Ford Focus RX (finished all the drift zones in it)
Most Successful Car: Ford Focus RX

Cars in the Garage: 517
Total Winnings: 129+ Millions
Garage Value; 186+ Millions
Garage Parts Value: 6+ Millions

Driver level = 423
Garage value = 91 million
Parts value = 6.5 million
Total winnings = 43 million
Favorite car = Ford Falcon XR (with gas monkey pikes peak paint)
Most valuable car = Ferrari 250LM
Most successful car = Talbot Sunbeam (now that is a cool stat)
Highest skill score car = GTR Horizon Edition
Longest drift = 2,337.7ft…and I’m no drifter. Lol.