Most Successful Car

Who here can tell me what most successful car means? My sneaky suspicion is its the vehicle you have earned the most skill points in. Mine recently changed from my BMW 1M to my Lambo Urus. If the skill factor is the culprit, it makes perfect sense cause I can easily hold my skill chains during cross country. 50-100K skill chains during lapped races

How about most influence, for starters?

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I think its the most event podium finishes. It’s definitely not skill points.


Agreed. My game still lists the Agera RS as my most successful, and all I’ve used it for was reaching max Horizon Life level for drag racing. And that’s it. No skill point farming in it at all.

I did use it a lot for drag races, and I don’t stay in one car very often because I’m still in testing mode, but I don’t know if the stats pages are really accurate on these things. It lists the Ferrari F50 GT as my favorite car still, but I haven’t driven it much since the first couple weeks, and I know I’ve used other cars more for races/grinding/whatever. It just seems stuck. But at least the Ferrari F50 GT is one of my actual favorite cars.

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I do win alot in that Urus but I also win while racking up crazy skill chains. So I figured there was some correlation there. The 1M was a murderer for the freeroam A class back when freeroam was in all lobbies. Since its restricted to XC and dirt I dont use it as much anymore

The car that wins the most Ranked races.

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