Most fun and enjoyable car in each class?

Hey guys.

I dont have so much time to try every single car in the game.

Iwe always been more of a guy who likes to find enjoyable cars and then use them for a long time, rather than driving 100’s of diferent of cars.

But there is just so many cars in the game, that its sorta imposibel to try them all.

I uasely also like the lower clasess more, since I lack the skill to handle the superfast cars at very high speed.

What are the most fun and enjoyable car in each class ?

I love the C-A classes. I have 3 Integra Type R’s for each class, 3 Civic Type R’s 97 for each class, 3 Civic Type R’s 07 for each class, then a CRX for S class, and the EF for C lass. I love the Hondas. I have 3 for each class because I have an all-motor version, turbo version, and supercharged version, each tuned differently, but all of them in the Top 1% on the tracks I’ve raced them on. I prefer to run the all motor setups, but I also enjoy them cuz they’re quick and still easy to drive if you tune it right. Add me since you like to run the lower classes, very few people do. A lot of people like racing A and above, and don’t even have the skill sets to race in those classes unfortunately.

GT: PsykoPhrenik

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Very subjective, depends on how slidey and rearwardly mobile you like your cars.

I’m in the process of learning how to tune so I can make my cars as fun as I want. Some good results so far.

I’m playing around with a Delta S4 a bit and I rate it as big fun because:

Supercharged and Turbocharged noises.
Mid engined AWD can make an interesting dynamic, you can really play with the weight transfer and then grip your way out of a slide, particularly in the wet.
It comes with fairly skinny rubber so four wheel drifts are there for the taking.
(Anyone remember when Chris Harris put 4 space savers on a C63 507?)

Then again a grippy limpet like thing could be more your style?

Obviously very subjective, so I’ll just put in a plug. For B Class, try the 1990 IRoc Camaro with EMW Mayhem’s tune. I ran that around and thought “This is a sweet ride”.

I was most surprised how good the XJ220 is at just S class. It’s one of the better S class cars. The F50 and the XJ220 are great.

Subjective…Everyone enjoys different cars…No way to answer that…