Most common car used

Does anyone know which cars are most commonly used? I’m really new to the game and haven’t done any online racing.

What classes are you interested in?

You haven’t done any online racing? Good luck, it can be brutal out there. I haven’t done any online racing myself for a year now and I’m not planning to renew my xbox live membership anytime soon because of the online carnage, but if you want an impression you can watch some youtube clips of some more experienced Forza players like Super GT (, JSR Devon ( or aTTaX Johnson ( They offer some useful advice to new players too.
Which car to choose? I would say: just pick any car you like to drive. The outcome of the race depends most of the time more on luck and the behavior of the other players in the lobby then which car you choose.

Have fun!

Just pick manufacturers you like and cars you like. You will be a lot happier that way. Just remember…

  1. Avoid the first corner pile up. My last race I went from 16th (new lobby) to 3rd after the first corner when I just slowed up and let em crash. Of course I was wrecked three times by people after that and finished 11th…
  2. Leaderboard cars mean nothing unless you’re good enough to be clear of the field the whole time. If someone is close enough to crash into you they will try sometimes.
  3. There are private leagues and teams out there…