Mosler MT900S

Why would you put this as a Trial co-op reward? No one acts like a team and even of you win you don’t get the prize. What are you thinking??? Thanks for nothing PG. Do you guys pay attention to anything about your game??? Just a blatant we don’t care to your players. Just make it a seasonal championship reward so we can actually get it. You know this is an issue and still an issue that it does not register for a lot of people when you complete the Trial.

Autumn: December 27 - January 3
New seasonal events on the main map and on Fortune Island
New Trial
Exclusive car: Mosler MT900S (The Trial reward)
#Forzathon Shop exclusives: TBA


Since release, i got ALL my Trial rewards thus far… maybe coz i always make sure it’s on the correct difficulty (even though i agree that it should default to that for everyone, just for that event) & i am always the “host”

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Agreed. It’s bugged and it’s annoying (and they know it’s not working but continue with it nonetheless). I dont care if they make dänces a trial reward that most people dont get. But with cars thats different.


I’ve gotten every single trial reward since launch without a problem. Chill.

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Cool for you, but not helpful. There is lots of people who dont get them.


I have received zero trial rewards and they never show as complete.

And that is the 10% of times the randoms I play with are good enough.

This game has way too much in it that relies on others performance, including now the Capri FE for ranked.


I really hate trial events.



Unless Turn 10 can sort out the buggy trial rewards, this is probably going to be up there with the Capri FE in terms of rarity.

Just to win my team blue or red? Win team everyone players get Mosler?

Correct, if your team wins the event all players on winning team get the Mosler MT900S

That is how it is supposed to work but no guarantee on getting the reward.


I don´t like these trials at all. I don´t like the idea of getting this car in trial only.


I haven’t had any issue with trial rewards recently. I’d missed the previous Trial event and was shooting for the “Test Your Might” achievement. Had to wait until a couple days ago and saw there was a Trial event. I played it and at the end of the four five-lap truck races I got my prizes, two fold.

Twice only because I guess something resets the rewards when an update is prompted mid-session. I claimed my credits or whatever, saw my CR count go up, the update window popped up, I updated and 20 minutes later it tells me to claim the rewards. I was thinking there’s no way… but boom. Double rewards method, just have to time it exactly right lol. That and I now have all achievements thus far completed.

That Mosler is gonna be mine, though. The last Forza game it was on was, what, Forza 4?

I don’t remember it in Forza 4. Was it DLC?

Nope not DLC, level 41 bonus it looks like

Playground Games does give second chances, and even more chances when they run out of cars to sell to the Weekly Stuff.
Chances are, it’s likely that the Mosler will come back either as a Forzathon Weekly Car, or a seasonal rewards. That is also true to other cars that is only gotten through Forzathon, and Weekly Championships. Want proof? Well take a look at FH3’s Forzathon Event lists. The only car that i can remember that appeared in the Forzathon multiple times is the 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder, so it’s likely that PG would do the same thing. Another proof, The 2019 Porsche GT2 RS appeared twice in the Forzathon Shop through the community poll but sence it’s a community poll, everyone’s interest is different and the vote is likely to be the car that you currently own and don’t want unless if your a professional auction man.

Unfortunately, the recycling time for exclusive cars will take a long time and it’s unknown if this is true or not. But you can buy these cars in the auction but the availability of these cars are very rare and even it’s available, it’s likely to be instantly be bought by some lucky dude or to be in the 10-20M Bid/Buyout price by the Legendary Tuners/Painters.

I also hate The Trial Events because, it requires a team and i don’t have Xbox Live God because i’m in a country where physical gift cards aren’t available and Microsoft rewards aren’t available in this country as the time i posted this, 12/24/18, 11:20 PM Asia.


This cars return has been on the wish list for a lot of Forza players for a long time now. No reason to put it in one of the worst events in this game. I hope they add it to Forza 7 as well.


i don’t mind having to do work to win a special unbuyable car, but it’s way less fun when my success is contingent upon other people taking a video game seriously when I need them to. They get serious enough to get heated while shooting at each other without goal in cowboy GTA, but they can’t try hard in a race they went out of their way to join.
actually, that about lines up with human nature, doesn’t it?

it’s a nice touch that the reward seems also to require an unseen dice roll, heavily weighted against the player. fight an uphill battle and probably still fail, a metaphor for my life


Yeah… a little odd to have it as a reward for something that requires you to rely on other people to take it seriously. As odd as making the Aventador SV a wheelspin-only prize… sooooo many wheelslins and super wheelspins, still haven’t even seen the SV.

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Ok…, so those who need a “serious” teammate can add me, but send me a msg on XB first (when i’m online), letting me know u want to do The Trial (only if u’r playing for the reward)