Mosler mt900s gift not in my garage

I got the message in the game that I was gifted the mosler mt900s. But when I go to my garage it’s not there.
Am I the only one who has this?
Most people got the car as a gift 5 days ago. Am I to late?

I believe you have to download it from the message.


I deleded the message, so no way for me to find out.

If you’ve already deleted the message, there are many Moslers for sale in the Auction House. Some under 200k.

Looks like the car pass this week is the Mosler. Yea, I’ll have three

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Sorry about that. I was logged into my son’s account for reward claims and didn’t realize until I tried to post. His account is moderated so I reposted as myself. I’ll try to be more careful in the future.

Looks like the car pass this week includes the Mosler. Yea, I’ll have three. The auction house should have a bunch by this weekend.

Car Pass this week (starting Thursday) is the VW pickup and MG TA Midget. If a popup is saying the Mosler is DLC, it’s incorrect like the previous weekly popups.


Can’t wait for the pickup!!!