More Leaderboard Car Nonsense

The online competitive aspect of this game is a complete joke. The PI system is the game is 100% broken.

Oh you’re in S class and you want to finish in the top 50% of the lobby? Well then you’re going to have to use a Viper or a BAC Mono!!!

Oh you’re in R class and you want to finish in the top 50% of the lobby? Gotta use an Ultima or a McLaren 18B or an Aston Martin DB9!!!

I seriously just left an R class lobby because it was 12 people and SEVEN of the cars were McLaren 18Bs. I sincerely hope that the next game does better as far as having a PI index that works. If you have a lobby full of cars that all say “R900”, I’m sorry, but the person in first place shouldn’t be SEVEN SECONDS faster than the person in 2nd place.

I know I’m not the only one feeling this.

So, you want to win an F1 race, you’ll need a McLaren or a Ferrari.

The PI system isn’t necessarily broken, some cars lap faster than others. It’s a pity most players don’t challenge themselves or experiment more by driving all of the other cars available.


There will always be some cars faster than others, fact of (Forza) life. Accept it and move on.

I get the point you’re making, but I found this funny given McLaren’s recent form. :slight_smile:

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The PI system is absolutely broken, but, you know, I’ve won hundreds of races in those classes in cars other than the ones listed, so it’s not quite THAT broken.

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It’s not too bad the lower you go in classes. There are dominate cars but there are also many alternatives.

S class isn’t as bad as R. There are a good bit of options if you’re a fast driver.

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I’m with you… I use a different car every single race, i get to experience all the cars that way!

I thought it was silly last night that almost half the lobby was racing AWD Prowlers in the ghost league… Always finishing up front… More so on the tracks that they could cut that is… Lol… It can be so frustrating playing with random people.

I wish i could race all the time with people who dont care so much about winining but more about having good close racing.

Friggin leaderboard cars… And friggin triangles… But that’s a different topic entirely

I think the problem with the Modern GT is that they are missing tons of cars. Also the fact that you can’t bring them all the 900 is a problem. Been playing GTSport Beta and there are all these Modern GT cars that are not in Forza that should be. It is what it is a this point and is not going to change. We can only hope Forza 7 is more balanced and we have cars that can compete with each other. The Nissan r382 can beat the Aston and M8B easily. Did it all week in R ghost so there are a few cars out there that people don’t drive that can be competitive but not enough of them for good balance. Also just because someone takes a leaderboard car does not mean they can drive it, it is by no means a guaranteed win.

Alright, I just spent another 45 minutes re-tuning my P1 and here’s the results from a race I just did:

1st: McLaren M8B (1:16)
2nd: #1 NISMO (1:17
3rd: Ultima (1:18)
4th (me): P1 (1:19)

I mean [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]. After all that tuning, and the M8B is STILL faster by a whole 3 SECONDS!!! What the hell are people supposed to do besides drive the same damn car?!

For what it’s worth, the P1’s handling and braking are both at 6.9. Some other cars have 7.2-7.4 for handling, but they are significantly slower concerning speed and acceleration.

Brute speed and crazy acceleration are worthless if you can’t get around the corner at a reasonable pace. The less handling the more it’s up to the driver to figure out a line that’ll minimize time lost in corners.

There are only a handful of layouts that require primarily power.

The M8B from what I recall has insane handling and isn’t too hard to drive decently. At road Atlanta all the time is made up in the last few corners and the downhill section. The long straight makes it to where a car needs some power but not a lot. A power car will catch the slower car on that straight but will lose many seconds on 75% of track because it isn’t great in the corners.

Where the hell are you supposed to race that P1 then?! That’s what frustrates me about the PI system…there are some cars that you can’t win with in any class. You can’t run that in S class, and R class it just loses. You can’t event get the handling much past 7 I don’t think. I mean come on.

What track were those times set at?

Given the huge gulf in skill in most lobbies assuming that the difference in lap times is down to the car is a bit sketchy.

Crap…that was a few hours ago and I don’t 100% remember, but I’m 95% sure that was Road Atlanta.

I figured it was Atlanta from the times, but wanted to check.

The point is I can think of at least 10 cars straight off the top of my head that do Atlanta faster than 16s when driven by pretty good players, and at least another 20 that can do it faster when driven by Aliens. Hell I’ve seen people get 19s in S Class.

That doesn’t change the fact that the M8B is way overpowered or that there are dozens of cars that can reach R900 that are waaaaaaaay off the pace everywhere no matter how well tuned, but it does mean that the M8B is beatable in most cases. Unless JSR Rossi is driving it, in which case you’ll need a P Class car to beat him.

try something better than a P1, that’s never gonna do it. Try say the #92 M3 GT3 BMW.

Sometimes not always is a tune problem, driver makes key. I mean sometimes problems are bad tracing line (notice that real racing line is very diferent to painted line in game), brake/accel abused (carefull with inputs, be smooth :wink: ).

I like to play with “no leaderboards” cars, I only buy: Race-> suspension, ARB and LSD and left the system auto configuration buy rest of parts to reach max PI for that car, yes it looks like make a very bad car for online but usually i’m on 5-8 sec. behind #10 TLB (for me, reference is #10 TLB) and place between 1-5% of players in almost every circuit.

Try to improve your driving skills, left using assist like ABS, TCR and learn how to use this motto:

  • Brake at once,
  • Turn at once and
  • Accel at once.

Hope it can help you to improve your lap time :wink:

P.S. As I always say: “Not’s car but driver”, Practice, practice and (yes) practice.

what track?

Yes, this photo is from few days past and it’s FM4 (I’m far away my XOne) but as I said driver makes key. Here is a Renault Megane a FWD a non-TLB car in Road Atlanta I put in 1% players and only less than 6 seconds behind #10 TLB! (hey, it’s only a FWD 4cyl!):

![Renault Megane, a “non TLB car” puts on 1%](Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online. “Renault Megane, a “non TLB car” puts on 1%”)

This car is no fine tuning in parts, I only installed Race Suspension, Race ARB (both) and Street diferential (yes, the 1x way diff.) and the rest of pieces where bought by system in auto upgrade to B class (500PI). Then a basic setup on springs and shocks and touch a little ARB, Camber and tyre pressure. The rest is hand driving!

“Only” 6 seconds off the pace?

That proves that the leaderboards are 90% garbage times, not that the PI system works.

The M8B is one of the games most OP cars, and R Class is one of the least well-balanced classes, but it’s pretty rare to find anyone who is actually any good driving it.

Who ever was driving the m8b at Atlanta was 3 seconds off the pace and that’s the real problem. When desperate people use lb cars to wipe out the field it gets everyone pissed off. Only very fast ppl would of been able to beat this desperado in a gt car with a time of around 15.1 personally I would of stuggled to get a low 16. In this situation id of fought fire with fire and pulled out the ultima. This causes it’s own problems giving the green light to everyone to pull out the lb cars It’s a cycle I have seen all too many times. I accept the pi system is broken but it’s the same system that gives us some really unusual builds and cars to drive it’s very uniquie to the game and I hope they make it better without loosing it’s unique feel

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