More ghost mode please πŸ™‚

I really love your game . just a request . cheers :racing_car:


+1 would love this too

Fully agree, where are our ghosts T10 on the homologated leaderboards?

If the marker in the end column labelled file means anything at all, you have them saved but you are not allowing us to use them.

Please let us. Hot lapping is difficult without them.

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A little confused by (1) the original question and (2) the response. The leaderboard symbols usually are indicators the gamertag has used ABS, TCS, AUTO (transmission) with the circles or half-circles (including manual shifting & with clutch).

The circle on the far right meaning there is a Replay available for viewing, not to race against that person.

Within the Rivals section is where you can set another player as the competition, and also see the ghost of that person’s lap with the capability of racing against it.