More gears?

Is it possible to give a car one or more gears? If so, how? I would love to add my 250 Lusso a gear more.

I can’t speak about that specific car, but upgrading the gearbox might give you what you need. Try the top upgrade first

Race gearbox usually gives you 6 gears. Some cars that come with 7 or 8 gears factory may remain with 7 gears with the race upgrade.

The street and sport gearboxes will give you a 5-speed. As PPiDrive stated, the race trans gives you 6, but if the car already had 6 or more gears, you don’t lose them.

I’ve got two things to ask about this…

  1. When has what PPiDrive stated been the case before? IIRC in Forza 4, putting a race box on a car that had a 7 or 8-speed transmission would lock out anything above 6th.

  2. Is the latter true only on the XONE version?

PPiDrive stated it in the post immediately preceding my first post in this thread. This is true in FM5 as well as FH2. At least its true about FH2 on the One, I don’t know about the 360 version.

True since FM5. Can’t say about the 360 version.

What cars have an 8-speed? Never seen one before.

I can’t find Sport/Race gearbox tuning…

Look for the upgrade screen not the tuning screen.

Go to a hub not on the road and in the hub go to garage and then upgrades.

Nope I can’t find it. Has it a different name or can this option not be done to the Ferrari 250 Lusso?

Be in the car.

Enter a hub.

Go to garage, upgrades, custom upgrades and then across to drivetrain.

In the drivetrain list go across to transmission and in there are the transmission options.

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Awesome, thanks mate.

Glad you found it! I’d like to add that the street transmission does not unlock any gearing adjustments in the tune cars screen. The sport trans unlocks final drive gear adjustments only.

Audi RS7 is FM5 has a 8 speed transmission.

In Forza 5 the Rolls Royce has an 8 speed automatic transmission

Converting an E63 from AWD to RWD also lops 2 gears off (8 speed as well) which also dramatically reduces your top speed.

Only in the stats.

Test it on the road before and after swap and after tuning final drive.

On the road (unless you are driving for many miles on the highway) the swap does not majorly affect the usable top speed.

Damn lag ate my first reply where I told an enchanting story about how I discovered this :frowning:

Maybe everyone will be thankful for the abbreviated version though :slight_smile:

Tested immediately upon making the discovery. On the freeway I am sure the E63 was getting up towards 330-ish kmh as an AWD with 8 gears,

Immediately after RWD conversion (albeit leaving everything else stock and no final drive tuning) it was around 260-ish kmh, banging on the limiter in 6th with nowhere else to go.

Going from memory, did it about two weeks ago or so.

EDIT - maybe it was 7 gears? Anyway more than 6.

The key point is on the freeway and no final drive tuning.

In most races the top end you lose won’t be missed, given you get some of it back with tuning.

Agreed, particularly in FH2 having mainly short races.

Just highlighting the odd thing that converting drivetrain type from AWD to RWD in this car ALSO changed the transmission.

In the real world, this E63 gets the same 7 speed transmission regardless of whether it is delivered in AWD or RWD form.