More Formula 1 cars, is there any possibility?

HI all,

Off-course I can’t be the only one that would like to drive cars like the Mclaren MP4/4.

As I was looking at the awesome overtaking footage of Mika Hakkinen en Schumacher at Spa
in 2000. I was wondering if we would ever drive machines driven by such great racing drivers
in Forza 5.

I know that a lot of content regarding these machines is licensed by Formula 1 itself, but perhaps
you guys have insight in whether we might expect new Formula 1 cars in the FM series!?


If we’re lucky maybe we can see some from the '80s and the '90s, as the game itself should suggest, before the dlc run out.

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Id rather play with them On-course. But seriously more f1 cars would be great.

I’m hoping to see the McLaren MP4/6 in the game at some point

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I was disappointed that we didn’t have one of Senna’s cars as May DLC. Ayrton, not Bruno.


With Microsoft being a sponsor of the Lotus F1 team, hence the E21 in game already, I’m surprised we haven’t had this years new version added to the game

If the team themselves don’t understand their 2014 car, what are the odds anyone can simulate it accurately? ^_~


Ha! Touché

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duct tapes cardboard wings & nosecone to 2002 Toyota Echo

attaches rocket engine


I’ve been asking for the MP4/4 since Forza 2, I have all but given up hope. They have had partnerships with McLaren and it still isn’t in the game. As for Senna content, I think they would need to negotiate a deal with The Instituto Ayrton Senna, and they are very protective over the Senna ‘brand’ (I hate using that term when talking about Ayrton). They have done a deal with Polyphony Digital to have his likeness in Gran Turismo, I can’t see them allowing it to be used in another game any time soon unfortunately.

The MP4/4 and others McLaren F1 cars may be tricky to get due to the license acquired by SimRaceWay back in 2011 for all the McLaren vehicles.

They haven’t got the license for the cars

I agree, it would be cool to have more open wheel cars but kudos to Turn 10, FM5 was their first venture into open wheel. Really good job and a really good game. Hopefully in the future great things will happen but ultimately I’d love to see Turn 10 branch out in open wheel racers in a completely new franchise all of its own, or maybe Turn 10 could acquire the official F1 licence when the current developers contract expires.
I believe there is a massive marketing potential for a franchise consisting of open wheel racing.
Apart from FM5, the only other 3 games I’m interested in this year is Sniper Elite 3, Project Cars and of course, The Master Chief Collection.
And F1 Senna is correct, the family is very protective of Ayrton’s memory and rightfully so.
I believe there was mention of an actual game dedicated to Ayrton Senna.
Here is a link, but take it with a pinch of salt.

It was due in 2012, I have never seen or heard of it. The only Ayrton games I know of are these:

Yes please,

I have been looking for discussions on open wheel cars as I am intrigued as this is a properly new thing that is the biggest drawcard attracting me to upgrade to xbone and FM5…

It would be great to see some cars from the 80s 90s and 00s

Brabham BT52
mclaren MP4/4 - the wailing V12 MP4/6 might be better?
How about a Benetton or Williams?

Otherwise is there any other discussion my searching missed on open wheelers? How good are they - is the fun factor of driving the old Brabham and Lotus awesome?? They look brilliant… Any other issues positive or negative??

Haven’t got the Lotus but the Brabham is probably the most fun car to drive in the game.

Haven’t got the Lotus but the Brabham is probably the most fun car to drive in the game.