More Engine and Aspiration swaps?

Hello guys,

So this morning I was trying to build the Daily Driven Exotics VF Superchared Huracan, and discovered that there is not a supercharger option for the Huracan. Why is this? There should be the option to put twin turbos and a twin screw superchargers on naturally aspirated engines, or at least popular aftermarket configurations (There are so many more supercharged V10 Lamborghinis than turbos).

Another thing that I think should be added is the FM4 style engine swap system where you can swap an engine from the manufacturer rather than just LS, RB26, etc. It seems that you can not swap an engine with less cylinders than the stock engine, even when the swap engine is superior (Jaguar XJ-S V12 can only swap the V12, not the LS or any other engine). Wouldn’t it be cool to drive a XJ-S with the F-Type’s V8 or the XJ220’s V6? What about the Mercedes 300SL with a M159 SLS V8? These engines are already in the game, so it shouldn’t be that hard to put an option to swap them into other cars from the same manufacturer, as the sound and mechanics are already there.

These are just some thoughts I think would give players more options to upgrade their cars. Please leave your thoughts and suggestions as well.


I would hazard a guess at copyrighting issues.

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