More drivatar options please

It would be really nice if there were some more options aside from just difficulty level for the drivatars. Things like being grouped with other drivatars that play the game in simulation mode as opposed to arcade mode. I feel like I am grouped with a bunch of random drivatars that play with collision mode set to cosmetic and they use the other cars as their brakes, something I have experienced in multiplayer so I can only assume those same players are racing through the career mode in the same manner.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Try here -

I more or less agree. I’ve said before that they at least need segregated by whether they play with or without simulated damage. I don’t like playing with damage and banged up by Drivatars of players who clearly never run damage.

We need one more thing, though - for Drivatars to actually take damage. They’re invincible. In previous games they took mechanical damage, but here it’s only cosmetic.

Yes please. I may not be a super great driver but it’s hard to perfect your skills in traffic when the rest of the cars are driving like drunken teenagers. I think another part of the issue is lots of people don’t see the insentive to drive good either from avoiding penalties or additional rewards for clean races.