More DLC?

Hey guys I was just wondering how many more car packs do you think turn 10 is going to offer us on Forza 6? And is the BMW i8 or new NSX going to be a part of any of them? (The first question is obviously more important)

Also is there a possibility for a Turn 10 created track pack? With track scanning being such an issue budget wise, I feel like it would be very smart on T10’s part to give us a track pack featuring the tracks T10 has created. Tracks like maple valley, Camino, new York, etc etc. Feel like the created track pack would not cost much and add a huge amount of content to the game.

wasn’t the pack last week the last one?

They never said it was.

We could get something at Gamescom, but don’t get your hopes up.

With FH3 coming next month i’d say don’t count on it.

Over the last six years of the Forza Franchises, 12-13 packs are the limit of pack dished out. The 12th was the most recent one, ie, the last (ideally).

They work on a 12 month rotation, the only reason they would go above 12 would be to add something that was perhaps forgotten.

So while they never really officially state that “This is the last DLC” until after the date of the DLCs usually appear, which is the First Tuesday of each month generally.

I wouldn’t expect any further ones myself.

They are now devoting a huge amount of resources into the new Forza Racing Championships. With races banked up for the next month or more, there’s not a huge amount of room for a team to work on polishing additional DLCs.


Those tracks are out of date quality-wise and being fantasy tracks I’m not sure T10 would devote any resources to bring them up to FM6 quality levels.

Last I herd that some tracks like those and fujimi kaido was because they couldn’t get the new engine and lighting to work like they wanted to on those tracks so they had to exclude them from the game. But that was way back when the game first came out lol. But like everyone else is saying I wouldn’t count on there being another DLC but knowing Turn10 there could be one last dlc for FM6 since FH3 comes out at the end of September.

they aren’t going to say so there is little point in speculating. We will have to wait and see. When did they ever tell us anything about future DLC?


With the new championship, I don´t think the Summer pack is the last DLC.

Not wishlisting, but by me, could release a lot more DLC and Expansions until the release of Forza 7. And make two releases, like old Windows OS:

Forza 7 Full
Forza 7 Upgrade for Forza 6 users

To be honest, I think we’re in fir something different,and the Forza Racing Chsjpionships is the inroad to tying up with Apex,and forming a new title firvthe Forza franchise.

It has been rumoured that the franchise could well see a title name change.

There’s lots of reason why this is at least slightly plausible…


Probably a unicorn pack coming later to milk the cows one last time.

I would guess Turn10 never scanned any of those tracks which are in the game, if so they would have seen the curbs. And those are completely fantasy.

What tracks are you referencing to, as I know Bathurst is damn fine. They have added some tyre barriers to absorb the car rather than hit the solid walls that Bathurst was so natorious for.

They included tyre barriers on the top coming off the top of the mountain going into the downhill run. It’s there to stop former cutters.

When the game was first released, on the exit of the Big Dipper onto go rod straight, the wall on the right was solid, and if you hit it, you caused a huge accident.

But after a CU, there appeared a tyre wall where the solid wall was originally. And that’s been a good thing, not a bad thing.

The rest of the track is true to life.

So what Kurds are you talking about.

And I know that they do scan the tracks, as they’ve done several here I. Australia for not only Motorsports (6 & 7) but for Horizon 3.

What makes you think they haven’t included the various curbs or the corrugated track edgingoZ

How about I give you a list as you may not have noticed it:

Circuit of the Americas
Yas Marina
Brands Hatch (a select few)

For Catalunya, there are some kerbs that if you touch you can either spin out or be drawn onto the grass which is so fake. For Hockenheim, you can barely touch the kerbs as the reaction to a car going over the kerbs is like someone that is on the bouncy castle (these kerbs are so bumpy). For COTA, if you touch any of the kerbs, your car completely bogs down which is fake and is bumpy as well as sometimes making my car skid going round the sharp corners. On Brands Hatch, there are only a few kerbs that are dodgy like turn 1. Some kerbs on Sebring are untouchable also. At last but not least Yas Marina: these kerbs are really bad for using as the reactions that cars get by hitting these kerbs is just mind boggling aswell as these kerbs being bumpy which causes your car to bog.

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And not to forget Sebring…
They are not only untouchable, they are complete unreal. Hairpin → don’t exist like this in the real world, on the outside for the last straight to the last corner → is complete flat in real. Those little nibbles (don’t know the term for this in english) are not there!

So, some tracks may have been laserscanned, but for sure not from Turn10, they bought them from a company and implement it to the game and added stuff to it.

The tirewalls which have been added doesn’t make the game better. The cutters have no chance to go through some chicanes now, yes, but even in a fair race someone can hit those tirewalls like on LimeRock now easy and make a hole mess just because the rest of the pack going into that crashed car. In my mind they are more annoying then being usefull.

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And what do you propose to stop cutters? At the moment it’s the best thing we have and it’s doing it’s job. Yes they can cause innocent pile ups but belive it or not they happen in real life too. There’s nothing turn 10 can do at the moment while the focus has shifted to FH3, FM7 and the FORZA RC. I’d rather hit a wall and accept it than be slowed to 20MPH by some magic grass.

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Yeah, makes totally sens to have tracks from the real world in the game which have on some parts nothing to do with those in the game. Real tracks should be close as possible as in reality.
One option to have them out off your lobby → user created public lobbies. As i have mention in another thread, it can be discussed if it wasn’t really clear of unfair behavior. Wreckless driving getting recognized right away. And the laps wouldn’t be just 2 or 3 laps. LeMan is completely useless in the hopper lobby right now below S-Class as it has only 1 lap and that is for sure not a race.
And that magic sticky parts, they exist now in the game on the weirdest places like a map was pinned at a wall and someone throw a dart blindfolded on it. Where the darts landed, there are the sticky parts now (Norschleife → after Flugplatz left or right side causing again unnecessary pile ups. Yeah, pile ups happens in real too, but those are tracks like Long Beach, or on hair pins. It won’t be caused of things like it’s in the game.

IMO Turn10 can add fantasy stuff to tracks which are fantasy. They have their Alps and Prag for this.

Even though I’d love more DLC, I don’t think we’ll get any. With the Forza Racing Championships on the way and Horizon 3 little more than a month away I don’t expect any more DLC from Turn 10. At most I feel like we may get some content updates at most. I’d be suprised if they’re focuses haven’t shifted to other areas by now.

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Quite true mate.

Ppl need to understand, that while the Turn 10 team would probably like to include more cars, they do need to put their attention towards the two new titles. These games roll on a 12 month cycle. So it’s not about trying to do ppl out of their due (cars).

But the game cycle must come first. As things are tied down to exact time schedules. If they go out by a week now, the. It builds up to be a month by the time release hits. They have both Horizon to help towards release, then deal with the various cars in the forthcoming 6 DLCs fir Horizon.

On top of that, they need to help the team working on Forza 7 (or whatever it gets called) a big team has already been working hard at the next a Motorsports title, so the rest if the team is needed.

Plus we have to notice the higher than normal involvement that Turn 10 are putting into Horizon, as well as being the principle behind the new Forza Racing - Championships. With ESL?


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You really are not supposed to use the curbs. I know some places yes you can with no problems in real life and in the games. But in real life I was watching a race on tv that the drivers were hitting a curb that was made intentionally high to keep the drivers off of it and if the drivers did hit that curb it did upset the balance of the car and in some cases they cut down a tire. This year at Watkins Glenn a driver hit the curb at a bad angle and that sent his car into a spin. So unrealistic except it was real life. So I don’t know why everyone complains about the curbs as depending on the track an car combo yes you can have issues with it and you may have to avoid them at all cost. Side I believe it was this years 24hrs at Le Mans that several drivers were penalized for disrespecting the track boundaries as they were going well past the curbs or boundary lines for the track. Imagine if they could do something like that. Your corner cutters would cross the finish line first only to be penalized and wind up farther down the order due to time penalties. As for the curbs you just have to know which ones you can and can’t get away with hitting. They are not all equal just like in real life.