More Cars locked up behind Mutiplayer? this is Not On!

This is Beyond a Joke now Playground! in fact, it is now unacceptable in My Personal Opinion!

Yet Again you have locked up Exclusive Cars behind Online Multiplayer Events with this “Festival Playlist” Feature (such as the Porsche 914/6 only unlocking for doing 100% of the Summer Season, which Includes the Online Multiplayer only “The Trial” event!) Something I have Already Complained about Before!

Again, I need to ask! What about Players who cannot Cope with Online Multiplayer? Hmm? Players with Autism or Fragile X Syndrome or other such Developmental Disorders that means the Highly Toxic Multiplayer Sides of Games are no Go Zones for the good of our Mental wellbeing?

How are We supposed to get those Cars? I would like to know if there are any Plans to make those Cars available as Single Player Rewards in the Future? are they going to be in Wheelspins or the Forza Shop? or is the only way we are going to get them the Auction House?

It is just Wrong to lock Exclusive Cars up Behind Online Multiplayer in My Personal Opinion ! Because many Players with Learning Disabilities cannot COPE with Online Multiplayer. You are potentially locking us out of Content that,in My opinion at least, we paid for when we purchased the Game ! this just isn’t on at all as far as I am concerned. I feel that it is completely Wrong to do this!

I must ask you, yet again, To Rectify this Situation at the first Possible Opportunity By placing those Cars into the Forzathon Shop or making them Single Player Rewards in Series 8 and stop locking up Cars behind Online Multiplayer in Future!

As it is with the Current Situation , I will now most Probably never Purchase a Forza Game again, as I now know for a Fact that the Franchise is no Longer Suitable for Me Personally due to its new Focus on Live Service Online Multiplayer Gaming meaning I will be wasting My Money to Purchase any future Games if this is the path they are going to take.

Things have come to a very Pretty Pass indeed when a 3+ Rated Car Racing Games becomes Unsuitable for Me due to a focus on Live Services Online Multiplayer that locks Me out of the Some of the Games Exclusive Reward Cars!

The only Reason I am even continuing to Play Horizon 4 is because My Family Purchased the 4K TV and Xboxone X Console to play it on, costing them a fortune, and I want to get their Moneys worth out of the Game, as it is, I would have given up round about the Time of the Rip Rod Controversy otherwise! now I know that it has been repeated, and even Worse this Time, I am now considering giving up on the Game all Together.

Well done Playground, your Obsession with Live Services Multiplayer and your, In My Personal Opinion, Unacceptable Decision to lock even more Exclusive Cars up behind it has just lost Forza a fan who has been with the Series since the Original Xbox.

I am absolutely Disgusted with this Current Situation. Kindly sort it out!


With all respect to your condition, I have to ask: why do you believe that everyone absolutely must be given everything in the game?

You can’t cope with MP - alright, very sad.

What about those, who physically or mentally can’t cope with high speeds? Shouldn’t they get access to all perks, cars and bonuses without having to race at high speeds?

What about people who are afraid of collisions? Shouldn’t there be a mode to gain all cars in complete solo, without other players and drivatars?

How about thousands or millions of people who have no time to possibly get all the millions of credits required to obtain all cars, shouldn’t they have fast track to somehow obtain everything without spending more than 15 minutes per day?

At any point purchasing the game, have you been promised that you will be granted all cars in game? How about achievements - lots of people regard those much higher than a couple of cars, is it even moral to have MP achievements in modern games then?

Again, I’m really sorry for your condition but you need to make it clear for yourself first, what exactly you are entitled to for your money and really live with that.


It’s about implementing another way to unlock the cars you absolute ned. MP is bad enough but now we have to bloody play it to get cars ? What about the single player ? Oh right, who the f cares. You don’t have a problem with them forcing us to play game modes we’re not interested in cause they’re atrocious ? No wonder they can get away with things like that.


Yeah. It is pretty bad. It is why I said in the clarity discussion they must start bringing ideas to community befkre working. If they wanted loyalty awards, then it should never have been all or nothing. I just realized. I am away over a weekend. So both cars are now 100% impossible for me to get for the sole reason that I am going to visit my brother for a weekend. And in a few months, have a family gathering. So that will be impossible as well.

Not only that, but bugged events. This week we had “Road Trip” daily. Despite my level of play, it only got to 10km completion.

Guess what? If this was series 7, how many players would now never get it?

So to get a car, all players, every one has to do every aspect of game. This means no car or you must at some point do play you dislike. It is forced negative experience. Zero buffer room. Zero consideration of play experience vs reward.

Not 90 or 95%… But 100%? I mean come on guys!!!

Said it before and will say again… And again… And again… You look at the game experience then match prize and reward to compliment that aspect. This punishes anybody who ever has to do… Something.


I just hope it doesn’t include that weekly bonus thing. Those have constantly been glitching.

I don’t want to be GIVEN the Cars, I just want to be Given the chance to Unlock them! I am more than willing to work for Cars, but I have to do that Work in Single Player. If the Cars are not available in Single Player, then I don’t even get the Chance to work for them! that is what I consider to be unacceptable!

Your Questions are extremely Facetious in My Opinion, and have nothing to do with the Topic at Hand. Someone who cannot Physically or Mentally Cope with High Speeds is Not going to Buy a Car Racing Game. Kindly do not be Facile, as I really do not appreciate it!

There actually used to be a Mode that allowed Players to Race without other Drivatar’s, allowing People who cannot cope with Collisions to Play the Game as a nice Side Effect of its Inclusion. That Mode was called Rivals. Sadly, it is currently an absolute Shadow of its Former Self (as it no longer lets you drive whatever Car you Want on whatever Track you want) so it is no longer of the use it once was for those Users, and that is pretty darn Unacceptable as Well in My Personal Opinion!

On Your Question in Regards to the people who do not have the Time to earn the Millions of Credits needed to acquire all cars, that is a Very Dangerous thought process, we all know the “Fast Track” in regards to that is the downright Disgusting Micro-Transaction System that is Employed by many of Horizons Rival titles!

It is Possible to get all of the Games purchasable Cars without spending more than 15 Minnuites on the Game in a Day, but it would take an extremely long time to do so, as the Payouts for Races in this Game, even with the VIP Double Payouts, are Far too Small IMO!

Achievements have been locked up Behind Multiplayer for as Long as Achievements have Existed, I know for a fact I am not going to get them all, but, seeing as they have no effect on My Ability to Enjoy the Game, I don’t mind not being able to get them all. However, CARS being locked up Behind Multiplayer DIRECTLY Impacts My Personal Ability to Enjoy the Game!

In My Own Personal Opinion, if I am to be Brutally Honest, I consider it downright wrong l to lock anything up behind Multiplayer in a Game… even achievements, its just I tolerate Achievements being locked up behind Multiplayer, as they don’t impact My Ability to enjoy a Game, Sure, I know that is a Double Standard, but, its exactly how I feel. Multiplayer should, in My Personal Opinion, be a nice Bonus, an extra Feature on top of the Main Single Player Content, it should never be the entire Reason D’etre for the Games Existence!

Again, although it was not Promised I would be granted all the Cars in the Game, I was in NO. Way. Shape. or Form Informed that Some of the Cars would be locked behind Multiplayer, If I had been Informed of that I would Not Have Purchased the Game!

Also, How can I make it clear to Myself what My Money entitled Me To when I was NOT Informed of all the Facts before Purchase? , if I had all the Facts, had I been told before the Game released, in the “4 Seasons Live Streams” that some Cars would be locked up Behind Multiplayer, then I would Not have Purchased the Game as I would have known it was not Suitable for Me.


First of why can’t you play multiplayer? There is absolutely nothing different than racing a regular race except skill level. I mean I’m sorry you have a disability, I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have to deal with that, but I can’t think of any reason multiplayer makes it so you can’t play the game. Also you aren’t entitled to any after release content. You knew what cars were included in game when you bought it. Any cars that are added for free, they can make you earn it anyway they want. That’s what unicorn cars are. They’ve been in Forza since Forza Motorsports 2.

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I do agree with you that some stuff being multiplayer only is good. But the question more directly related the current issue, I must ask. Both you and I are in agreement that unicorns are not a bad thing, but what is your opinion of this particular one with the planned offering for the Capri FE Unicorn next season? Do you think it is a good/enjoyable way to implement such a unicorn?

I have to admit I didn’t watch the stream but if I understood correctly from the posts around, it’ll be given for completion of 100% of seasonal content in a month.

So that makes it 4 sets of standard routine of 3 champs, 1 trial, 1 PG and 2 PR stunts a week (plus new showdown remix).

This week’s set of seasonals took me just over 3 hours to complete in one day. Unless something severely changes, the only thing I’ll have actual issue completing next month is if they add drift PR stunt - I really suck at those.

So that’s roughly 12, maybe 20 in worst case, hours in the course of the month. Fairly easy from where I sit (if I got details right).

Thanks for the Support Vaporizer.

Indeed, the 100% Requirement is a major Problem, especially given how Buggy Horizon 4 can be! it also makes it impossible to get content if you go on vacation, I forgot about that!

The whole System, IMO, Shows an absolutely Catastrophic lack of Forethaught IMO, sadly, something the whole Game seems to be Suffering from :frowning:

Indeed, this new System only punishers Players for doing anything that isn’t “Play Horizon 4!” this is a common issue with Live Service Titles I have Noticed, and it is as massive shame it has now been inflicted on Horizon Players.

When even “Normal” users are suffering from this New System, as well, I take that as a Sign that something is truly Rotten in the State of Denmark and something has gone Drastically wrong with the Horizon Universe.


Thanks for the Support ParanoidDoge.

That is exactly what I am saying, I don’t want to be Gifted the Cars, as well, that is just Boring! I just want the Option to unlock them via Single Player. Given a choice of Forzathon Shop or Single Player Seasonal Reward, I will take Single Player Seasonal Reward every single Time, as I want to Work for the Car… But, when its locked up Behind Multiplayer, that’s it, I am Out. Done. No Can Do. I don’t even have the chance to work for the Car in the First Place, and that is what really Sticks in My Craw.

(also your use of “Ned” I am assuming Glascow. right?)


Close ! East Kilbride ahah. And a 100% agree with you - wish we could unlock them through SP events.

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Want a suggestion? They could Atleast do something about wall riding, ramming, dive bombing etc first. I mean you know the things they have been claiming to work on and have been being complained about since launch day. Is it any wonder all the online races right now are glitched cash grabs?

This game is beginning to feel like a major chore, but go ahead dial that up by trying to give people a reason to have to log in daily. Daily and weekly challenge participation must be down because of the lackluster forzathon shop the last couple months so I guess the devs needed a new way to make people play everyday… look no further Capri FE… that will inspire some daily logins.


And like I said. I am not just normal player, I am a long time gamer, active and a motorhead. But it is impossible for me to get, plain and simple because of one weekend.


There is in fact a way to obtain virtually any car without engaging in MP and it’s called Auction House. You’ll need 20M for rare ones and potentially months of sniping what you need but it is possible.

I also struggle to understand how missing one or several out of over 500 cars stops anyone from enjoying the game.

Basically you’re saying that you really are only interested in a fraction of percent of experience game has to offer and the rest of it is simply not enjoyable. While this very well might be true, the question arises whether this game is really for you.

On other points, just side notes really - Rivals always had very limited prizes, never been a way to get all cars. Micro-transactions are universally hated but they do allow some people to get what they can’t get otherwise, but because it’s not something you personally need - their needs can be easily discounted, right? And hey, one can drive really safe and slow in FH but you just discounted all those who can’t cope with speed, saying they wouldn’t even buy the game - why do you feel entitled to decide things like that for others?

Imagine for a second that Capri FE is made available in singleplayer, as a prize for beating 50 laps of Goliath on Unbeatable with no assists and rewinds. Would that make you feel any better?


Ahahahahahha the utterly broken AH ? Are you a bloody comedian pal ? Cause you sure as hell sound like one.
Would be less of a hassle if MP wisnae populated by rammers, wall-riders and all those other c*****. Also it’s nae about missing a car out of 500, but missing a car I’m really interested in, you know the kind right ? For a game that’s being marketed around the concept of freedom they really force you ta touch game modes we’re nae interested in. How ironic.
This whole ‘unicorn’ concept is totally against that as well, but hey, got ta sell some XLive subs rite ?


I would mutch raither to do that than every single task in hole month, i havent do weekly forzathons in months because those are super boring and have skip playground games because i dont like those at all but now if want to get capri need to do all of that and top of that you cant even keep 3 day break, not every people can play every day (sure i can but im not gonna do that mutch to get one single car when those can find in AH easily)


Yes, I’d do 100 laps on my own accord any time I want as opposed to coming back every single day for a month on something that might glitch out.

The difference is that this content is also being time gated and it also requires an Xbox Live subscription. It also encourages purchases at release date and pre-orders instead of buying it later down the road.

Little subtle changes to keep you playing and hopefully spending. Same reason we see season passes offered as “deals” when they were originally just the old DLC price before it was jacked up. People used to quit playing so they quit buying the later DLC packs. If you give them a “deal” you can get them to buy it all without even knowing what it is as long as its a “deal.”

Absolutely right. People defending this don’t seem to understand people can’t always play whenever they want. We paid for content that keeps being locked behind timed exclusives… ‘b-but you can just buy them in auction’. Except half the time you can’t because nobody wants to sell timed exclusive cars.

We aren’t asking to be gifted the cars but having an actual chance when we can play. You know common sense. We paid for a product that’s withholding parts in timed exclusive. I mentioned this in my thread earlier. It’s just wrong.


I dislike timed exclusive and locked-behind-multiplayer content as much as the guy next to me, but one thing I also dislike is people using the “I paid for” argument when it isn’t true. These events are completely optional, offered as part of a FREE update, and aren’t locked behind the base game (like a quarter of FM7’s cars were at launch). Many people around here are panicking and complaining about them because they feel forced/rushed to do them to obtain these cars that will (half of the time) probably sit in garages and hardly be used.

I personally avoid multiplayer events, and if there’s a car that’s locked behind a multiplayer event, knowing PG, I know that there will be a chance to earn that car sometime in the future. So some of you need to have some patience; this game has a few years of active life in it still. FH3 Forzathon events gave you multiple chances at obtaining exclusive cars throughout their time, so I don’t see why PG wouldn’t do the same with this game.