More and more cars completely undrivable

As I am starting to collect more cars and use them, I am finding more and more of them are completely unusable. Pretty much instant tire spin and over steer. On the surface, it appears Turn 10 has put in very little effort testing cars. Since cars and driving is the main point of this game, I wish Turn 10 would put in more effort with the cars and less effort about things like driving suits, unneeded restrictions of homo-go-broken( or whatever it is ). I am starting to find it harder and harder to start up the game at this point. Career mode is pretty pointless and multiplayer is… well you know. Only thing left is free play and what is the point when cars are just down right broken.


Which cars in particular are you struggling with?

Maybe it’s your driving.


Exactly, i don’t think he has heard of something called throttle control & just floors it straight away.



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You want to complain I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out what to do with my Motorcycle Cop driver suit.

Some cars require some adjustment here and there and I have also found that with the assists off(traction and Stability) they can get a little ambitious but 20 laps on a track and you seem to find their sweet spot.

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The number of vaguely worded, non specific complaint threads makes me think it could be the work of one I. Bell and his P.C. crew

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I’m finding issue with any car that needs tcs on. I find it easier to run tcs off that I did on fm6. But once a car needs tcs on fm7 it kills it

Well if you’re getting instant wheel spin in the Renault F1 car, then that’s normal. Try easing up on the throttle.

If you’re getting instant wheelspin and oversteer in the stock BMW Isetta, then you may have an issue.

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definitely some cars are off with its physics and tire model. There is few cars I’ve tested that are off. 2017 Ford GT comes to mind, car is just awful to drive. I can’t get a single clean lap in, how unbalanced it feels. This is comparing to few other cars in its class thats are slower in real life.

I don’t know about you but many cars in this game seem easier to drive than past Forza games. The One:1 is a much more manageable car in Forza 7 than in previous Forza titles. I usually use TCS off (with wheel whenever I can), and yeah it takes some getting used to and I still mess up sometimes. OP needs to put up a list so I can try those cars. Also, I don’t have the motorcycle, CHIPs cop suit yet! :frowning:



Could be coincidence but since I suited up coupled with some arrogance I have won the last 4 races on unbeatable I think they are slowing down when they see me. Who cares 2.2 mil CR… roll on Specialty Dealer.

Mostly I’ve found it’s my ability isn’t up to the amount of skill required to drive said car with no assists. TBH I’m not that good at racing games, but enjoy them nonetheless. I do try occasionally without assists, and while driving without TCS/STM on in a Ford Fiesta might be relatively easy, driving a RWD monster such as the Ultima 1020 with TCS/STM off will likely see me careering into the wall before I get off the starting line… That’s not the car though, it’s my ability that’s lacking… It’s why I don’t drive monster cars without TCS/STM on (yet). I’m working on it though, but still not very good at it so far…


I think for you is better to bay more arcade Racer like Gran Tourismo Sport. FM7 is simcade, you must use the throttle careful

Oddly enough, I have found just the opposite. Most vehicles are very drivable (after homologation) when I buy/win them. However, I always use Traction Control; it doesn’t cost anything to use and turning it off actually makes me slower… much slower.


If you manage throttle well, TCS off should make you faster at the risk of messing up and over-throttling. It’s STM that seems to make the biggest difference with the wheel, but seems to do nothing at all with controller.


Im agree with OP, and Porsche RS '18 is a clearly proof of that. The lift throttle effect for RWD cars in this game is insane. And not, is not my drive, a lot of stock cars in this game are a pain for drive.

Grip/physics are the best they’ve ever been.

It sounds to me like you don’t know how to drive correctly around the track. Be more careful with throttle and brake inputs or turn on traction control and abs.

I don’t disagree. Most of the cars I’ve drove so far is much improved from Forza 6. But seems like some cars still have the old Forza 6 handling model.

A lot of high performance cars actually are a pain to drive. You can counter lift off oversteer by applying some throttle. It’s how the worlds best drivers do it - thats why they left foot brake.