Moor Than a Feeling - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  1. You have just spent xx CR upgrading a modern muscle car to cope with rally stages.
  2. Description of the ‘event’ reads: This trial is the ULTIMATE test of your driving ability. Compete as a team against UNBEATABLE Drivatars and WIN GREAT REWARDS!!!
  3. You then have to wait up to 5 min for an event to start.
  4. You then have to sit and wait for the servers to find some players.
  5. Race 1 in HEAVY rain, with Drivqatars using the GODMODE Grip.
  6. Race 2 is MUDKICKERS 4x4 again in HEAVY Rain. (halv the players leave, mid race, making it impossible to win the event.)
  7. Return to step 3
  8. You then have to wait up to 5 min for an event to start.
  9. You then have to sit and wait for the servers to find some players.
  10. Race 1 in HEAVY rain, with Drivqatars using the GODMODE Grip.
  11. Race 2 is MUDKICKERS 4x4 again in HEAVY Rain.
  12. Race 3 is 99,9% Road race on tarmac, thank god i spent all that time on my rally setup.
  13. WE WIN!!!
  14. Time to collect that GREAT REWARD!

    1 Super wheelspin… wait, what?
    ALL THIS FOR 1!!! Super wheelspin???
    This spin better be magical or something…
    10.000 20.000 20.000

To Whomever came up with this event.

Thank you, but your services are no longer required.
Please leave, and never come back.

Every Player.


Easiest Trial yet, and the reward was plainly obvious before you started the event. Nobody to blame there but yourself.


It tells you in advance what the reward is.

I enjoy the trials, I like doing them multiple times as I like to race tracks I know. As the trial is the same tracks every time, I can learn them and get better at them and eventually feel like I’m able to competently drive them, unlike ranked racing where you just get some random tracks out of a vast collection thrown at you.


I know it does, but thats besides the point, the point i was trying to make was, that 3 difficult races, against unbeatable AI (that ofcourse uses Grip_o_Matic_2.0.exe, Rocket_Fuel_(AI_ONLY).exe and OMG_TOP_SPEED_v1.2.exe) to obtain 1 super wheelspin, is at best a joke.

I am not asking for a special new car every time i race an event, but for something like this, give us at least something i can sell at the auction, seeing as its muscle cars, how about an AC Cobra, something with a value, and allready in the game.
Wheelspins are just lame.


This trial wasn’t even that difficult. If you know what the reward was, and did the trial anyway, only to complain and splutter on the forums after, why even bother? Seems like you’re just here to fuel a fire.


if a trial is going to give spins it should at least give you 3 to 5. Especially if you need an upgraded car to compete. say you spend 60K on upgrades to a car for the trial but you only get 15K from the spin. you just lost 45K.

Excuse me, I did NOT sign this so whoever is signing things on my behalf QUIT IT!

I personally cannot stand seafood but I’m not sending out petitions to ban the stuff because I think EVERYONE hates it…


This seems like a direct response to all the complaints about setting exclusive cars as the reward for trial events.


Fun fact. You dont have to upgrade you car to top to run it. Did you count your winnings into that? You do know you gain credits from the races themselve.


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This trial was very easy, we beat the AI
3050-600 (the 600 was because one of our players quit)

I’ve shared the tune I used, called “S1 900 Dirt” for the 2013 Ford Shelby GT 500. I tested it at 3:01 for Lakehurst Forest Sprint and 50 for Highland Farm Scramble, which is pretty competitive. E.g. the Hoonigan Escort and TVR Sagaris have tested faster than that for the Scramble (but less than a second faster), but they’re a lot slower for LFS. There wasn’t anyone significantly faster than me in any of the races. It has a lot of power, so you have to back off a lot for the bends, particularly early in the first event with cold tyres on the wet road.

Cat bites its own tail and screams about it. News at 11.


We complain about not locking cars behind online events, PG does it, still complaints. Unbelievable. The prize for each event is literally shown on screen before you commit to race. It’s quite amazing to see how many folks on here simply can’t admit they made a mistake.


You can see the rewards you get before you start the race, can’t you? It’s not like they’re tricking you into starting the race by promising great rewards…

Also, super wheelspin isn’t that bad. You just need some luck. And you can’t complain about having no luck because this isn’t something anyone can control. You might have been unlucky this time but who knows what you’ll get next time? Maybe you’ll get more than 500k and an expensive car next time!

I honestly can’t believe people were complaining about not locking cars behind online events, which means they wanted cars to be locked behind online events. That’s just shocking to me and sounds completely moronic. Besides, all I see in forums is people complaining about locking card behind online events so I’m not sure if I misinterpreted your post…

yes I won with my team this trial at the first try, but was it fun?


it is possible to create real funny dirt-races for muscle cars, but it wasn’t the case here.
most of the times I do those races couple of times but not this week ; )

For those that didnt like, either dont like rally or might need to go back and check your builds. This one os really reasonable for drivertars and rain and mud shouldnt be so bad vs muscle rally cars. Before I waste time discussing tunes, does anybody care? Are several tuning mistakes I am assuming were made due to people being concerned with numbers instead of game mechanics.

I’m always interested to hear people’s ideas, so I can try things out and see if the car does indeed go faster. I felt I did a reasonable job with my GT 500 tune for this event, I tried several different build options and tuning settings before sharing it. I played it again with a friend, we were the only two players on the team, we both used my tune, and the drivatars scored 0 points in all 3 races.

I did use dodge viper, i first run old tune that i have done something like 5 months ago and there is definetly some changes in physics because that car didint feel like that when i have last time drive it and still our team won easily 3-0. I then start figure out why that car feel so bad in asphalt and after getting that car feeling better i run 49,4 lap time in highland farm circuit what is right up there with other top S1 class rally cars like cayman, and fe capri.

The reason I didn’t go for the Viper is because I already have a great rally tyre S1 tune for the '08 Viper, so I wanted to tune something different rather than another Viper. I think the GT 500 might well be able to get down to around 49.4 as well, as I didn’t do many laps when testing it, and I only spent around an hour on the tune.

Interesting you mention the change in physics, though, as I’d been wondering about that. My spreadsheet has my '08 Viper at 2:58.2 for LFS, but I recently re-tested it and couldn’t get below 2:59, so wondered if something had changed.

I have two different viper with dirt tires, in FH3 i did lots of S2 rivals with viper but in FH4 is not that good in S2 but in S1 rally build is good. Im sure GT 500 can hit low 49 also.

I have also earlier wonder is there some change in physics but in that viper behavior make things clear to me that something is changed.

And isnt trial AI difficulty allways been too easy to be unbeatable (except warthog trial) for example that porsche dirt trial where i beat S2 AI drivers by using S1 class car. And this trial AI drive over 10 second slower lap times than i do, even when doing solo offline new racer AI drivers arent that mutch slower per lap.