Monster trucks in game?

Is there any way Manteo that you can give us the subtlest hint or as vague as possible clue about whether monster trucks will be in the game? I mean, I feel personally that that monster truck in the event drove a little too well for it only to be used in just a showcase. I truly would hope that these are coming to the game.

Guess I’ll just ask this another time since right now probably isn’t the best time given the state of the game.

Tbh I really hope there is a monster truck dlc coming or some surprise there’s now way the showcase was that’s good to not be a possible vehicle in game to own. I been wanting a monster truck and we got one for short time. If your listening please let it happen it was too much fun

I’m hoping for a monster truck themed expansion map. Something crazy like the Hot Wheels map for FH3

If they did do that then they badly need to introduce air-controls for the monster trucks, that showcase final event (the one for fun, just for accolade) I spent most of my time on the roof as I couldn’t control how it landed!

I couldn’t even control it in a straight line!!! That thing was nuts to control…I’m sure there’s a knack to it though…or maybe it just needs way more skill than I possess!!

Honestly, a monster truck expansion sounds fun! But right now, all I care about is having a monster truck to drive. I loved the regalia type-d in FH4, but for some reason it didn’t get included in FH5. I hope it gets to come back, as that was the closest we got to an actual monster truck.

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Monster truck special events in the main stadium after the Christmas ice rink

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