KoolIROCZ1967s Monkeemobile!

Thanks Kool!

Very Kool, I remember watching the t.v show. And it was the very first concert I went to. I felt a little out of place though, but it was a friends favorite group and he paid. So What the heck!

I cannot say I’ve ever been a fan of the “band” (TV show, whatever…) but I do dig what IROC’s created here - I saw it one one of his DLC cars that I don’t have, expressed some interest… and he put this out! how Kool is that?

Really, Leek, you are more than welcome :slight_smile: Glad you liked the design and I could put it together on the GTO for ya :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile:

I got one too :slight_smile:

I did not have the 65 GTO so Kooli kindy put it on a 69 GTO.
Cheers Kooli

LOL :slight_smile: Seriously guys, my pleasure to get u guys designs u like :slight_smile: More than happy to make these :slight_smile:

funny that you knew exactly where I took that picture - not too awful difficult I suppose… sly guy.

I had a feeling you took your photo at the test track, didn’t take long to find where. Tried to get a close match as I could. Not quite as good as yours though :slight_smile:

I Have One Of These To And On My Favorite Muscle Car

Thank Kool

Sorry, double post - hate my phone.

Very welcome D3AN :slight_smile:

LOL, a Monkeemobile lobby may have to happen… one of these days.