I buy the HORIZON 3 Ultimate edition and then I GET NO CAR PACKS, I have to buy ALL THE EXPANSIONS … Then I buy the 2 expansions for xbox 1 and still dont have all the cars that are extra’s I just bought the Ultimate of 7 and had other forza’s and have been a fan for a long time and THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY PEOPLE

I think I am done with your franchise truly disgusting

There haven’t been any expansions released for FM7. To collect the cars included in the October, November, December, and January car packs all you need to do is go to the Buy Cars menu where they should be listed first as “Free” - don’t go through the Store.

If your Ultimate Edition isn’t recognizing that you own access to the cars, then post your details in the Tech Support forum.

If you are having issues with FH3 then post in that forum’s Support subforum.


For horizon 3 ?