Money disappearing

Has anyone experienced there money disappearing, because I have lost over 5 million credits it between the last time I played the game. This is very annoying as I have been saving up all my money since I got the game.
Does anyone know a solution?

Did you place a bid on a car you lost to and haven’t reclaimed your credits back yet?


does someone else have access to your game, do you game share
did you buy a car before you stopped playing the last time

You didn’t “accelerate” the completion of one of your barn finds, did you? That has been a common theme in disappearing money in the past.

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Similar to what @PlumCrazy010 mentions below, it appears that you chose one of your barn finds to be completed early. This cost you 5,578,000CR.
A pop-up would have appeared asking if you wanted to complete it quicker and you must have confirmed the action and hence the credits being spent.


Whoops! Its better to run a few races or do other stuff. Speeding up a restoration just isnt worth it

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