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Welcome to my gallery and garage!

Here I will display my designs, replicas and originals. I´ve always loved cars and always will do, so expect a wide variety of designs from Japanese time attack to German old school DTM :slight_smile:

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Shared files:

ATCS BMW 1M - Turn10 Select Week H

Koyama Racing Labo Time attack Evo X - Turn10 Select Week K

Diesel Kiki Skyline JTCC R32

Kyoseki GP-Plus R32

Asahi Kiko JTCC BMW M3 E30 - Turn10 Select Week Q

RE-Amemiya Street RX8

Will add more in time

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Ok first paint done in FM5, really love the improvements with the new colors and all.

Anyway, figrued I´d start with something fairly basic. So I brought up the 1M I did in forza 4 up to 5. So here it is.


I don’t yet see any pictures but I’ll tell you this. That 1M of yours it stunning!

Nice work on the M1 Motor. Been looking for a nice livery for my M1. Just found it now, Thanks.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Nice job

i must follow you

very nice M1

hey Motor could I perhaps get that color code for the PETRONAS teal?

Nice work, motor. Glad to see you up and running in FM5!!

Love it! The chrome effect really works with this paint.

Thanks again guys! Glad you like my Beemer :slight_smile:

Sure thing!

Hue: 0.47
Saturation: 1.0
Brightness: 0.60
Thats the colour I used anyway.

And here is a wip pic on my latest project, colors are a bit off in the photo but thought I´d share anyway :slight_smile:

I recognise that! Wasnt that the same you did in FM4?! looks great in the proper shiny chrome!


That looks like it is going to be awesome! Is that Gold color I see, that looks very good.

some nice clean work there dude :slight_smile:

is that a chargespeed car? and thanks for the color code!

that Evo 10 is well out there, Love the Chrome/Gold work on it

Looking good mate cant wait to see more :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Yeah it´s a fairly known time attack car on the interwebz, but the team is more famous for their drift cars. And it looks really cool :slight_smile:

@AB: Yes it´s the same car. Did back in forza 3 and transferred it to 4 but the metallic´s did´nt shine at all in that game so I figured I´d have another go in FM5 :slight_smile:

And one more wip.

hello hello buddy

evo looks awesome!!!

greetZ :wink:

Looking good mate! The use of the Gold is amazing!