Modern Answers

So I’ve been on a tear recently trying to acquire as much Forza content as possible but I’ve come to a snag with the 360 games. And that is a lack of information post-EOL. My big question is “How is extra content delivered for FH1, FM3 and FM4”. Then there are smaller branches: “If it is by code, will the codes still work in 2019 if unused”. Also, “What editions of the games should I look for when trying to get all the DLC for the games?” Many different editions were released and information on what the editions did/didn’t have are muggy at best. I’ve already got FM5-7 and FH2-4. I can’t wait to enjoy the old Forzas as a pure PS2 owner for 15 years. Any help is appreciated to satisfy the kid in me :slight_smile: