Moderation a little too sensitive on this forum?

I made a post that was critical about the game and before it even showed up my account was placed on probation and the thread is nowhere to be found… Did I hurt T10s feelings too much? If you can’t take feedback, don’t allow a public forum.

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You joined today and as such, like everyone else that first joins this forum, you’re under new user moderation. You weren’t put there as a result of any post, you started there like everyone else.


Hieronymus is correct however to answer your question: 100% Yes.

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I’m guessing this got left open for the potential entertainment value it presents.

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You are posting on a Microsoft Owned Website, about how strict the moderation is, pertaining to what?

If it is your first few posts, YES, your replies are limited to what is allowed. This prevents “FANBOYS” and “ALT” accounts, from just creating an account to flame/troll/defame either Forza, Turn10, or Microsoft.

Understand that this is a public FORUM. If your words can be offensive to the owner/developer/members of this forum, with no other usefulness, the post/poster will at some point be moderated or removed.

If you enjoy bashing developers, and or other board members, there are UN-official message boards all over the internet, many that have no moderation aside from built in filters that turn swear words into emojis.

There is a fine line between expressing your opinion, and targeting people. Chances are if a pinky toe hair crosses the line here, it will be moderated, in the faith that the boards maintain the current tone. Other boards may allow you to get a whole leg in.

No need to argue about things, which is what will draw in the moderators to do their jobs.

All that is necessary is reading: and the Forum Code of Conduct itself:

Key to the OP’s post is the Code of Conduct on the forums, specifically: III. Moderation Policy, which includes, “Moderation of is not by committee. All decisions with regards to thread closure and movement, permanent and temporary bans, and membership issues are made by Turn 10 and its forum admins are final. That being said, constructive criticisms and suggestions are welcome, provided they are directed to Turn 10 Administration via private e-mail, here: