Modders/Glitches still in Public lobbies.

We ran across a Modder/Glitcher join our lobby and use cars that ran much faster than they are supposed to. As an example: A Boneshaker in A class around Holyrood does around a 1:08 and Thats a very good time even though its what its made for. Well he drove a 70 Challenger in “A” class ran a 1:05 and would pull away from everyone and stay ahead with un-paralleled grip and acceleration. I have cars that do nearly 230 mph in A but it has its drawbacks in handling making it balanced out. His on the other hand is around a Low S2 and Max S1 in terms of performance. Has anyone else ran into something similar? We’re certain he’s a PC gamer.

Might want to edit that post. Naming and shaming isn’t allowed on the forums.


Just did…sorry about that. It was still a bit sore thinking about it. Wont happen again


also modding on pc not a thing files are encrypted process is encrypted

70 challenger is pretty good
not my fc good but pretty good

turn the assists off set everything to sim and drive it

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We assumed it was pc but now its more likely console. And I do tune my vehicles. The challenger is a great car dont get me wrong, but the way his was performing was that he wasnt slowing down at all. My fastest car in A class at the time was a RWD Spirit-R that went 223 mph and handled decently well to find a balance in performance. His challenger had caught up, began bumping me and tried to push me out into fencing but I had knocked him back into a tree. He was in last and caught back to us after having a 15 second lead on him. And when he had past, it was like watching an Chiron fly by with no error in grip and he kept pulling away at ludicrous speed that was not meant for that class. My club and I spent hours on that challenger and Nothing was matching it. The fastest we got was speed tune at about about 216 mph and a grip tune that can run around a normal time for a fast driver around circuits. Its still baffling