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Please Ghost the cars in Multiplayer for the first 45 seconds. I am nearly at wits end with jackholes reversing/stopping/ramming at the start of multiplayer races. That is all.

I would suggest that if you want to have the cars ghosted, go play Ghost Leagues. Or, go into a private lobby and set it up yourself. The cars won’t ever get ghosted in the first 45 seconds of a race. The only alternatives are Ghost Leagues, or private lobbies. I know this won’t help your frustration, but there are other options out there.

Is this an official T10 response, if not, then I don’t understand how you know that they “won’t ever get ghosted”. It is evident that MP in FM6 is severely broken and something needs to be done. I think there is some clean racing to be had if the d-bags that ruin it can somewhat be neutralized. I’m not a complete fan of ghost leagues, but at this point, it is all we have. I prefer the challenge of having to wait for the perfect opportunity to pass.

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Why isn’t this locked already.

Firstly a lot of threads have this same topic. I aleady wrote a response to this same topic today.

Secondly, any allusion to profanity is censored (the thread title)

And in response to the op. Been playing T10 games since FM3
We have a ghost league and I personally can’t believe so many persons think how this is going to help at all.

All it will do is delay the issue. To later in the race. That is all. It’s extremely short sighted. Do you think it’s the 1st sector that is the issue or how the group of drivers approach dealing with it. It will actually encourage more aggressive starts and best case scenario instead of 20 persons being aggressive, it will be reduced by mistakes but eventually you will have a pack 30 seconds later that all come in ghosted and bam the issue start.

play ghost leagues or do not. How many threads are started how ghost leagues aren’t real racing yet we are all supposed to belive that ghosting cars in non ghost league is going to be better?

Why not do a roll off delay? (I’m not for this either)but in my mind is what you guys are suggesting get all separated and then race (sucks for the guy that starts 24 tough to start a full minute later the P1

The problem is the drivers! Nothing to do with the setup at all!
I think it’s time to reward clean drivers publicly and in game (not forum) with loading screens promoting it and race results showing every racer that the guy that just finished last had 3 clean (no major collisions which is tracked) and just got more points in lobby then the guy that had higher position.

Promote good driving! Not the opposite.

Is T10 paying you to moderate?

Its a suggestion, the races suck because of the bunching up that happens at start and the cluster that occurs at turn 1. Given time, the field will sort itself out and players will race cleaner because 1, they don’t hold a grudge on the a-hat that slammed into them in turn 1 and 2 the a-hats that normally wreck in turn 1 will be too far behind to affect the real racers

Please use the Features Wish List thread for suggestions.