[Mod Edit] are easily the most annoying people on this forum....

Why waste someone’s time on their new thread by posting [Mod edit] that obviously is no use or help to anyone. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - fyerball ]

P.S. if you even looked at the club board before you posted that… you wouldn’t have posted that…

Might want to edit out that [Mod edit-fyerball] part. Don’t think you’re supposed to talk about that kind of stuff on here. Don’t know why anyone would care. [Mod edit-fyerball]

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[Mod edit-fyerball]

Don’t see how I wasted your time, but ok.

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Maybe try posting in the club section

Jesus you people troll these boards non stop

Your anger confuses me.[Mod edit-fyerball]

This is a club posting looking for new club members… What don’t you understand? No one wants you so don’t even click on it… Go stare at someone else’s post all day!

And someone suggested posting in the “club” section. You know the spot where people that are interested in club info would be looking.[Mod edit-fyerball]

you are a prime example of the no lifer type of stupidity that no one wants on their list. :slight_smile: Do you even own this game or do you just post on forums?

I think we have had enough trolling for one day.

Pointless thread locked.