MOD Bug on XBox One Forza 7

The Mod " Ein Rennen auf der Strecke " one Race on the Track dosent work after your Update with the new Track Limits. I have taste it on different Tracks ( Homestade alternative , Indianapolis Berner Alpes and others ) I race with compulsory pit stop every time I go into the pits, no matter on which line no matter what race track, each time the goal to stay on the track is marked as not achieved. Please fix the bug or all this Mod Stay one Race on the Track " Bleiben Sie ein Rennen auf der Strecke " are only to use without Pitstop

Dont use that mod if you are going to pit
This has been brought up so many times since release and they are not likely to change it

You can always pause …press cosmetic.and then back to simulation and then you refill and get new tyres without actually leaving the track

Not a bug since pitting is leaving the track