MK's Treasure Hunt (FH2 on the Xbox 360)

This is a simple treasure hunt for Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox 360.


  1. I will post the first treasure hunt picture.
  2. Whoever finds the exact location of the picture will post a picture of their car in the same spot. It needs to be roughly the same angle as the original picture.
  3. The person who found the treasure will than post a new treasure hunt picture using the same post as above.
  4. Repeat 2 and 3.


  • If more than one person finds the location at the same time; the person who posted first picks the new treasure hunt. If you did not post first, please delete your second picture.
  • No over zoomed, funky, extremely dark pictures.
  • If a treasure hunt is not completed within 7 days, I will post a new treasure hunt.

How to post a picture

  1. Upload picture to Forza Horizon 2 storefront ingame.
  2. At the top go to Gallery in the Community drop down tab.
  3. Open the picture you want and right click on it.
  4. Select image info and copy the location address.
  5. In your post click insert image and paste the address in the pop up.

Honor code. Please, be respectful of the directions and rules. Thanks and have fun!

Treasure Hunt 0
Example of Treasure Hunt.


Treasure Hunt 0.1
I have found the location of the Treasure Hunt.

Treasure Hunt 1
Now I will post the new Treasure Hunt. Good Luck!

Umm, we already made an Xbox 360 AND Xbox One scavenger hunt… You might wanna check it out here:

Thanks for pointing that out. This is a different setup than that Scavenger Hunt so I don’t see any problems. That does look fun but this topic is more a laid back, not so official treasure hunt. And I am not labeling this topic as “Treasure Hunt” but “MK’s Treasure Hunt”.

Thanks, MK