Mixer hat - character customisation... how and when can I get it ?

Hello folks!

I have my eye on the “ mixer hat “ in the character customisation…

It says I need to reach level 14 mixer to unlock it.

However, I have just reached level 14 mixer…I got 15000 credits. I did not get the hat!

It now says that when I reach level 15 mixer, I will be given 20000 credits.

Does anyone know when the mixer hat is really made available?

Thank you!

Is it still locked? I don’t remember when I got it but I’m mixer level 20 now.

Ok, I have reached level 15 and got my 20,000 credits…and it has revealed that, at level 16, I will get …the mixer hat!

So, one more level to go and i get the hat! Yippee!