MistahhDJ's FH3 Photography [UPDATED 10/5/2016]

Hi guys!

Figured I would give this a try and start to upload some of my pictures to the Forums!

Disclaimer: This is my first time posting these pictures to the Forums, any constructive criticisms to help me out is greatly appreciated.

Pagani Huayra:

2016 Mazda Miata:

Starting very strong here! The last shot of the Huayra is fantastic.

As for tips, I’m not sure you need any lol!

Thank you very much!

Great start, really like the first MX-5 shot!!

Thank you! The MX-5 has quickly grown on me in this game, its one of my favorite cars to drive!

Rolls-Royce Dawn:

Ferrari FXXK:

You’re already off to a great start! I love the first shot if the Huayra and the second shot of the MX-5 :slight_smile:

Thank you! The first picture of the Huayra is one of my favorites as well!

2016 Audi R8:

Don’t mind my shameless plugging of my Instagram :stuck_out_tongue:

Pagani Huayra BC:

This vehicle’s Livery was designed by me, a simple design, and the first I have ever created.

GTA Spano:

Nice livery and cracking shot here,

Great work on those! Love the moody lighting in the Spano shot.