Missing Points/ taken points

Hi everyone, especially the moderators.

Im starting a new topic because I searched for support here and only could find an advice for searching on the topics.
Im starting a new topic because I already sent messagens to moderators last week and no one answered it, so here I hope someone see and try to update or explain my status.

There are two problems with my profile here :
First: I dont know why were taken off 100 points of my profile , and I know exactly where were, were in Forza Horizon 1, more precisely in paid dlcs own . Actually I have the season pass of the game and I had bought it a long time ago, so the correct would be 250 points, or 5 of 5 paids packs owned, and was right there some time ago. The problem is that currently Im with only 150 points( 3 of 5 paids dlcs owned) so are missing 100 points that were taken off of my profile.

Second: My forza Horizon 2 fast and furious is not updating and the problem is with the achievements, I already took all the achievements of the game and completed everything in the second day after the releasing day and everything was updated excpet some points of achievements.

I belive that the second problem is less grave, think that will be updated some day. But the first I need some explanation for my 100 points taken .

Sorry for any english grammars mistakes, Im brazilian and Im trying to improve it.

I love the Forza series and that site too, for me the points here are very important.
Thank you and Ill be waiting for the answers.

I have a similar problem with my Forza Rewards. My Forza Rewards points for Forza 4 was maxed out, and I was short a few points for Forza Horizon 1. I noticed recently that Forza 4 was no longer maxed out, and Horizon was missing some points. Upon further examination, the paid DLC sections for both games were changed. Forza 4 was reduced by 50 points, and Horizon is short 100 points.

These sections were maxed out earlier this year, I’m 100% sure of that since I’m almost at max points for all Forza rewards, so it’s really easy to keep track of what I’m missing. I know FH2 F+F is a little slow on updating, so I’m missing a few points there as well. If everything was updated and FH2 F+F indicated the correct number of bucket list items done, I’d be sitting at 12000 Forza Rewards points.

I’m a clear Tier 7 so this is only a minor annoyance… I’m still getting my rewards. This is basically just for bragging rights at this point, but if I earned the max points, they should be indicated on my profile.

If a mod could look into this issue, it would be appreciated. I could provide further information if needed… Just let me know. Thanks,

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Guys - the mods are not here to look into those issues.

If you want to let T10 know then send an email to forzafb@microsoft.com. You will get an auto reply and may never hear back directly but it is the best way to let them know of the issues you face. Make sure to only send ONE email and please make sure it contains any and all useful and pertinent information.

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Im very grateful for your answer Funk Dunk 1977, I sent an email for them (forzafb@microsoft.com) already a month ago, them I recived an auto reply, as you said, but I think that they will never see it. Im a little disappointed that they dont care with their fans .

Just for the record, in case anyone is reading this who has a similar problem:

I ended up buying more DLC in both Horizon and Forza 4, just a few single DLC cars, and after a couple of days my Rewards score updated, showing the max score possible.

Not sure if anyone else is willing to spend actual money to get this problem solved, but it worked for me.
Looking forward to Forza 6!

T10 are working on this issue but have warned it might take a while.
Also - others have already tried the buy other DLC in FH1, only to have their score go backwards again a few days later. Don’t waste the money.