Missing Photos From Photo Gallery

So as many of you probably already know if you share a photo taken in-game you can view it here on the forums by clicking on Gallery in the Community tab. I went to view my gallery today here on the forums and to my surprise over half of my photos are no longer there. My question is this. Do photos automatically get deleted after a certain period of time?

This has happened to me before, it just left me with a couple of FM4 photos, I panicked but they re-appeared an hour or so later
has happened a few times now actually but they always seem to come back later that day

also I don’t think they do get deleted after a certain time as mine have been there for years…someone will probably correct me though!

The photos don’t usually disappear after any certain length of time anymore.

Original poster: did you happen to try refreshing your internet browser? Sometimes my photos do not display correctly upon entry into my gallery, but a refresh solves that problem.

Yes, I did try refreshing the browser a few times before I posted this thread because I’ve also had photos that didn’t display properly in the past. Usually what I will see are blacked out boxes where the photos are supposed to be and with a refresh they normally all show properly. This time I don’t even get the blacked out boxes, there is just nothing there. It has now been four hours later and I am still experiencing the same issue. I’ve once again tried refreshing as well as signing out of the forums and signing back in again, still over half of my photos aren’t showing up.

On the plus side I have all my photos saved to Flickr so if for some reason they don’t come back I’m not at a loss, or I could just re-share them in-game. I’ll just have to wait it out and see if anything changes when I try again later.

Thank you to those that have responded thus far, it is much appreciated.

I have found that keeping the number of shared photos small is the key to the Forza gallery working properly. I also open links to the full size image in a new tab instead of it opening over the gallery as that means the gallery only has to load once. I don’t have very many pictures on my gallery from older titles which also might help but I try to remove pictures from the game as well as the online gallery as soon as I have downloaded them to my computer.