Missing out on Lake Lodge and its perk

If you’ve got VIP status from buying the Ultimate Edition, Lake Lodge is free instead of costing 5,000,000 Cr. That’s nice, especially considering its perk.

But, you’re presented with this fact in the introductory run through of the seasons. And as you set the route to the house and proceed to drive there, you will inevitably trigger new events to unlock, the map opening and forcing you to set a different route to something else.

If you make the mistake that I did, which is to go with what the game is telling you to do and thinking, “I’ll deal with that house later”, you might forget about it being free. And so did I until I happened to check it out and getting reminded that as a VIP, I don’t need to spend the credits. I missed out on a lot of Forzathon points because of this…

So, there are two things that I think should be done:

  1. For VIPs, the house should be marked on the map as “free” when you hover over the icon to remind you.

  2. Make it unlock at a different point where there aren’t already three other things competing about where to tell you to go. Let the player visit and acquire the house without getting interrupted.

I don’t recall having any difficulty getting the house. There were no other interruptions. It may differ depending upon how many rewards/points you have earned to that point that they triggered at the same time as the house. Unfortunate.

i have to repurchase{for free} everyday for it to work. why?