Missing multiplayer hoppers

Hi, when are all the different hopper lobbies opening? There’s only like 3-4 now.


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This is pretty typical for an early release - testing the servers and whatnot. Expect more hoppers on the official release date on the 3rd or shortly thereafter.

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how are you playing already

It’s already been released in most of the world. US release is just over an hour away.


Cause this is extremely lacking

6 race presets with a fairly limited amount of car selection, always the same’ish tracks

makes me wanna go back to the Forza Horizon 3 adventure mode (race only) where you could select a specific class before hand, vote for different map rotations and vote for a new class after

I just wanna be able to select a class or one of the plentiful car class presets that you can see when you create a private lobby

how come we cannot make our own public lobby? or at least add drivatars to a private one

let us vote for a different class/car preset after a race etc

and definitely add public custom lobbies and the ability to add at least a certain amount of drivatars per player in private lobbies

I’m just another disappointed Forza player who is wondering what has happened to class racing. I’ve seen people mention it will be released on the October 3rd release date, but no actual answers. Anybody know anything? B Class racing is all i know… i just want to be able to do what i want.

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Hi everyone.

At this moment we have 5 or 6 hoppers available consisting of a few car groups, however i believe some more will be added once the normal version of the game launches.

My thought is this, once the game launces just add the normal hoppers permanently (E till R or P class) BUT i believe that the best way to do this is to do the car division hoppers (hot hatches, rise of the supercars, etc) on a weekly or monthly rotation, there are a ton of car divisions so that would be a nice addition, the new homologation system is really good and that way people can just explore all the divisions and enjoy them in not just offline gameplay.

I really hope they do away with the whole homologate thing it kills what makes Forza fun online. If everyone has the same specs no matter their upgrades you might as well be playing Mario kart with real cars. Please turn10 don’t let the amazing physics and gameplay get ruined by some stupid homologate stuff the class system works don’t mess with it.


Who says they won’t have class hoppers in addition to division hoppers. No reason they can’t have both and I bet they will. People have to wait until Tuesday to pass judgement when the game is out for everyone. Until then we do not really know. I will say this, the game is out now and it seems they are still being tight lipped about features. If they would just stop beating around the bush and just tell us the features of the game some of us already own we would not have 20 pages of complaints every day since 7 was released. I just do not understand why they just can’t tell us at this point. People are getting annoyed and I cannot say I blame them.

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Turn 10 have made me so Angry its beyound belief. The hopper system is nothing but a joke its like they’ve tried to ruin Forza onpurpose with these terrible restrictions inwhich i cannot even race two types of cars together.


There are going to be more multiplayer hoppers right? Im kind of bored with the current hoppers. If anyone knows, when will they be coming?


I’m really confused. From what I can tell, you no longer can upgrade and tune a car to a specific class and then race that car in that class online anymore? I.e. I want to supe up and tune an Acura NSX to S class and race it in S class races online. Is that no longer a thing now? I REALLLLLLYYYY hope that is NOT the case…


Only Turn10 knows and they don’t actually communicate with their loyal community.


I was expecting at least one new hopper today. Just. ONE.

And what did I get? Nothing. How hard can it be to add in the class hoppers? I’d literally be okay with a copy/paste from FM6, I’m tired of racing these divisons and being robbed of my freedom to build a car however I choose and race whatever I want against anything within the class!


Forza 7 is trying to push the homologation game mode, which is fine and might even be fun.

But launching the game with only have 6 homologation lobbies (one being a 1 car beginner lobby) available in multiplayer so the number of cars that can even be driven in multiplayer to be maybe 20-30 cars? Why would Turn10 make that decision?

That is just making everybody hate the homologation lobby design instead of supporting it.

IMO though, homologation is a thing for leagues and not for what should be more open multiplayer racing.

Hey, are the multiplayer hopper going to be updated??

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Yes they are.

The real question should be when…

Updated yes class hoppers no. Division hoppers are the future

Open multiplayer racing sucks but I agree 6 lobbies is a joke


Where is drifting where is the playground lobbies aka IT, ABC’s, Virus etc. They had all the hoppers on the test game and no I dont mean the demo version I mean the actually test version of the game.