Missing gift cars and credits?

Just logged into forza 6 for first time in ages, and I think I’m missing a whole bunch of cars I should have been gifted since september?! Also, only had the last two lots of forza rewards to collect, unlike F5 and horizon 2 where I had everything since september queued up to collect, what gives?

edit: as far as I can see I’ve had none of the following, and must be at least a million or near two credits from rewards.

2013 Ford Focus ST with Forza 6 livery. Gifted to all players on November 25, 2015.
2002 Acura RSX with fall leaves livery. Gifted to VIP players on November 17, 2015.
1956 Ford F-100 with Fallout 4 livery. Gifted to all players on November 4, 2015.
2015 Ford Mustang GT with Halo Locke livery. Gifted to all players on October 30, 2015.
2016 Ford Shelby GT350R with Halo Master Chief livery. Gifted to VIP players on October 30, 2015.

2014 Ford Fiesta ST with custom livery. Gifted to VIP players on September 28, 2015.

The halloween bash car I’m guessing I probably wasn’t eligible for, whatever the criteria was, as I didn’t play anytime in October.

Wonder if it had anything to do with preview dashboard.

Hi, I also logged in recently after being offline for a couple weeks and discovered that I am missing the last couple gift cars, specifically the Acura RSX VIP car and the Forza 6 liveried Focus ST. I haven’t had an issue with receiving the forza hub rewards, but I didn’t receive any messages for the two gift cars after receiving all the previous ones without issue. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. I’ve hard reset my console and checked my privacy settings as I’ve read on other forum posts, but to no avail. I also have the ultimate edition, if that makes any difference. Thanks!

I messaged the microsoft forza email too… no reply or anything so far, somewhat frustrating.

Two things on contacting Turn 10 during the holidays - (1) this is their one time a year where most employees take their vacations to be with their families, and (2) they don’t normally work weekends at this time of year either, so with Christmas and New Years’ falling on Fridays, they are out of the office.

They will respond eventually, but every contact/situation needs to be prioritized, investigated before a response is sent.

Looks like someone did eventually see it, still missing one, but got 5/6 missing cars now.

Missing all my Credits & Game saves since the Forza 6 update a few days ago. Oh, I’m still waiting for a reply from the email sent a week before xmas.

I just logged on earlier tonight and I have received the two gift cars I was missing, thank you very much! Maybe if those who are still missing some cars post exactly which ones they are missing and the trouble-shooting they’ve done, it might help. Thanks again for resolving my issue!

I’m missing the tier 6 car in forza 6 and 4 million credits. I play the rio race everyday and I’m not going past that until I either get that stuff or I give up.

You only get the rewards you were eglible for when you first started the game. It’s a one time thing and you obviously got the cars for tier 1 to 5.

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I am wondering, hope someone has the answer for me.

I got the lmtd f6 xbox, my first xb1. So when i started F5 and FH2, there were a bunch of previous claimed rewards credits, christmas themed cars and other cars waiting for me.

This weekend I finally got F5 and FH2 to a level that it was time to start up F6 for the first time. I decided i wasn’t going to wait anymore for my horizon garage count to be updated. I got all the tier cars I was entitled too, got the rewards for the garage count from previous games. So that worked fine.

Due to catching up on games I focussed mainly on F5 and FH2 before starting F6. Due to what i experienced with F5 and FH2 I was expecting to have a bunch of gift messages waiting for me when first starting up F6, I got 2 (last weeks and the week before). I checked F6 a few times, i dont see any new messages in my messagecenter.

I am aware that in F3, FH gift messages dissapear within a certain period of weeks, does this also apply to F6? If so, that would kind of suck… would be loosing almost 5M in that case (that are a lot of mod packs or a nice 787b’s!!). Is it worth it to send turn10 about this?

I also didn’t receive the ford gt from playing the demo yet, but there are enough topics about that problem, so kind of up to speed on that one.

It does appear that at least some messages in FM6 do have a time frame but it hasn’t been confirmed by T10.

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That doesn’t make sense in any way. You claim rewards for all the games in one go. You cant opt out F6 if you havent started that game allready, it’s all or nothing. Also got only last 2 weeks rewards.

Started F6 yesterday (it’s red, timelimited and I want it!) and one of the first messages was that my drivatar had competed in X races and got me X credits… My F6 drivatar didn’t exist until yesterday afternoon! I have people on my friendslist that play F6 actively, so i know where those races come from but it’s still a weird situation. Logic doesn’t work on this one.

It would made sense to me if rewards claimed from games you dont play (yet), would have been put in a “savings account” or a piggybank. Gift cars is another matter, if timeframe missed then ok you dont get them… makes more sense.

also if you don’t claim those rewards in the forza rewards app within that week they are gone too

have to remember it is a loyalty program…not regular playing you arent being that loyal and miss out…it doesnt take long to go into the game and claim the creits in game

i think it has something to do with it changing from monthly credits to weekly making the time limit decrease

I mentioned in another post that I’m missing credits and gift cars, VIP cars… The transit van cars, don’t know about the lambo huracan… I’m a loyal forza fan and I was away during holidays but still claimed either through forza hub or online. Had family over as well so I wasn’t rude on being on my xbox… Missing 3 to 5 weeks I believe of reward money at 400 grand each… I’m probably missing other stuff too… I want that 66 Nissan silva as well that u can’t buy anymore…

Doubt you can get that silvia anymore
It was only a workaround that people got access to it to begin with
Good luck with the other stuff though
Seems to be only about a 2-3 week window now on actually claiming the gifts in game lately even though it does say 1 month

I just started playing Forza 6 a few days ago and already having problems. 2 different times I won the “Grand prize” for the spin. !st was 2.1 million and some car and the other spin was 1 million and some lotus car. Still have the cars but all the CR are gone. What’s up with that? Also missing my 100 tokens. And just saw that my girlfriend YoYo Weste 29 doesn’t have her 100 tokens but still has the CR that she won on the spins and career. We don’t get it

You only get the car not the credits as well…you don’t get both
If you already have the car then you get the credits

With the tokens do you have them enabled

Also missing my 100 tokens. And just saw that my girlfriend YoYo Weste 29 doesn’t have her 100 tokens but still has the CR that she won on the spins and career. We don’t get it

Im quite sure that I had left 2+ LP 570-4 uncollected from messages from season 1. Ooops

Forza Rewards are not time sensitive as long as you claim them each week. They can stay in your ingame messages for a long time (forever?) though. After reading this thread yesterday I got to wondering about it and checked Forza 5. I had 4.1 million credits from Rewards just sitting there waiting for me to claim.