Missing FH4

My wife tricked me into going to Cozumel, Mexico on holiday. She said the hotel room had an Xbox in it. It doesn’t!!

I’m having withdrawal symptoms. If I don’t feel better tomorrow, I may have to hire an actual car and take it racing round the coast and through the jungle! Although, that may not end well, as I’m wanting FH4 in-game physics rather than real life physics. I’ve also heard the Mexican cops prefer people who drive responsibly!

Any comments, or advice about coping with my withdrawal symptoms, would be welcome (although, nothing about getting rid of the wife. She is rather special. She puts up with a lot!!)

Walk up to people in the streets, squeeze a rubber duck twice, and run away!

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Buying cars from ebay?

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you miss adrenaline … try this

If you are still thinking about FH doing that, you definitely need a medic.

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I’d have a nice talk with the wife…she shouldnt be lying to you about such things


Find yourself a chicken suit and do a dab.

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