Missing FH 3

Anyone else missing the requirement of progression? The last game to have this was 3. This game screams give it to me now, all of it, I’m entitled to it and don’t want to work for it. FH4 at least had a sense of challenge to it. No championships that you had to win three races to win, but progress. It took time to open different festival’s, time to unlock new challenges… I should have known they would give us everything up front when the series 1 challenge has a hall of fame requirement for the trial. HALL OF FAME in the first week… What happened to earning it and not getting participation torpheys.

I think I might even miss the whining on these boards about how much work it was to get through the levels in FH 3 and the grind required for the weekly challenges I’m FH 4.


Nobody forces you to do championships if you don’t want to. Just press Y and you get normal event.

I think the OP was simply pointing out the lack of Championships (compared to FH3) as a bad thing rather than complaining about having to complete Championships.

Personally, I miss the Championships as well…made the game more interesting…I used to enjoy setting up long offroad Championships, 10 races where each race was around 30 minutes…great times

My daughter’s boyfriend play tested FH3… has to be good … lol.

Or it might have been FH2?

Yeah, I got lost do other things and made it to “Hall of Fame” based on my Accolades points and not the progression. Still had to open the last 3 areas to finish that.

The narrator kept throwing different things at me over the radio.