Missing Endurance Hopper

its late. it was supposed to start at ten am pacific.

and it will be a public hopper. over 2 hours i would worry about getting rammed much. on a 8 mile+ track traffic is gonna be pretty strung out by the end. unless you get in a full lobby you are probably going to spend most of the race with out another car in sight.

Does anybody see the multiplayer hopper D Endurance???

Can’t find it

Not yet

The challenge is live, but the hopper itself appears to be late.

Just rebooted xbox and still nothing.

Anybody surprised it’s not up?

No, Its what I expect now days.

Actually yes. Am surprised.

But am not surprised, there is not a single statement by anyone from Turn 10.
Just a posting “It’s gonna be late. Expect it in an hour or so” would be more than enough.

I’m going away for the weekend but was looking forward to playing this first. If it doesn’t appear in the next hour or so I hope they continue it for another day. It says three days left, does that mean it’ll leave on Sunday or will I be able to play it on Monday?

still nothing…
this is a limited time event, that does not show on time.
good for people that are taking time off from other activities for this.
another way for T10 to show how much they care about their customers…
this was all set by their own timer after all…
we would have assumed they were ready.

Considering this past week was taken up by E3…

Considering many folks would be far more upset to have run 2.4 hours of racing and have it NOT count (in the event some setting was missed due to rushing to get the hopper live)…

Considering the WiR last week said “will go live on Friday, June 13” and it is not even Noon yet at Turn 10’s offices…

I would say, no, it’s not a big surprise it’s not live yet - but also, no, it’s not unreasonable that it’s not live yet.

  • Don Ente

Intermission… It’s multiclass, GT2 and prototype, it seems.


it’s up multi-class R / P Damage is simulation Track is le mans/ la Sarthe 8.48MI

Simulation, yea I think sitting back and letting the carnage take place at the Dunlop Curve might be a sound strategy. Also does that mean fuel and tire consumption is a factor, if so this is great. I’ll need to adjust a couple tunes to save fuel in the GT cars.

So, how come I just turned on my Xbox, well over 2H after the Hopper was supposed to launch and all it says it:
Class: R
Type: GT Racing

Not sure if it’s intended but I can’t use my bmw m3.

So I have to WAIT AN HOUR TO RACE…what kind of madness is this?!? One track and we have to wait our turns?!?

This is ridiculous can’t find a game that hasn’t got less than a hour left grrr and ideas