Missing DLC from brand new Forza Motorsport 4

Hello everyone,

On the 25/6/14 I purchased a copy of Forza Motorsport 4 Game Of The Year edition from a seller called [Mod Edit - D] on Amazon. I received the game on the 28/6/14, I opened the game expecting to have a code for 21 extra cars that are downloadable content as advertised on the product but unfortunatly I opened the game and got no code for these cars. I contacted the seller from amazon saying that the game didn’t include the cars as advertised on the cover and they politely advised me to contact Turn 10 for advise on my situation. I looked further into this situation to find another buyer of this product also didn’t get the 21 extra cars so i’m really not sure what is going on as this has happened. Can anyone help me on this situation please? I’ve contacted Turn 10 and I am now waiting for a reply.

Thank you to anyone who replies and tries to help with my situation!

If you didn’t pay the full $60 for the game. If it were me I’d go out and get the season pass or what ever to get the cars. It’s not hard to reseal a game and say it’s new.

The seller is responsible for this, not T10.

The seller is unrelated to the DLC download. I’m not sure about you, but when I opened my copy of Forza 4 there was a card on the inside of the case that gave a couple different download codes. One was for the “American Muscle” cars, and the other was tracks I believe. Check inside your case one more time. You might have missed it. Also if your game was used then the codes might have been redeemed or the card removed.


This is an issue you would have to address with your seller.

I am missing the DLC Codes too!
What should I do?