Missed festival

Hey guys,

I was doing races when the new festival icon on the map pops-up but I didn’t go to the festival to do some more races. Is there a way to get those festival spot again ?

Yes, it happens every hour. At HH:50 you should stop from doing any races and just do some skills in the world. At HH:55 you will get a notification saying “Hey X, Forzathon live starts soon, do you want to set a route?”

As soon as the new hour starts, the event starts. I think you have 1 or 2 minutes tops to get there, but if you don’t, you’re locked out of it. But the good news is that it starts again next hour. So you don’t lose anything, just 30 Forzathon points.

EDIT: I am assuming you’re talking about the Pink-Red circle for Forzathon Live? Or do you mean another festival?

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Ok thanks yes im talking about the pink-red cercle … but in horizon 4 its not a big white square the festival ? and why you’re saying i should stop doing races ?

Because if you’re in the middle of A race when the forzathon pops up you’re probably not going to make it in time…