Missed endurance hoppers

The missed endurance hoppers, will we have a chance to do them again? Or was it a one time deal?

i think they were one time only events as they tied into a race that was happeing in real life e.g. the one before the 24hrs Le Mans and last one was the 24hrs of Nurburgring so Forza put on special events for that weekend of 2hrs 40min hoppers.

There is a special this weekend for Silverstone GP, but dont know how long it is as its not an endurance race.

Well you’ve gotta cover at least 125 miles to complete the challenge, factoring in a 3.19 mile lap, you need to cover at least 40 laps. Should be doable in around an hour though seeing as the real race covers 52 laps maybe the lobby will be up to 1 hour 30 minutes, just to make sure people do manage it, and if there is sim damage on… 1 hour 30 might be needed if you are unlucky in your fellow racers within the lobby.

Sim damage is on fella and the lobby is 1 hour 30 mins.