Missed checkpoint replacement system?

WTAF is going on with this?! I can’t believe how bad it is! Makes it almost impossible to finish a race sometimes.

I literally just got trapped doing about 160mph with about 3 car lengths to adjust my path… impossible :rage:

You need to press the rewind button again to go further back, so you have enough time to correct your path.


What’s really fun is when you get caught in a reset loop when you’re in co-op (and presumably other multiplayer) where there’s no rewind and the auto-reset keeps putting you in a position where you can’t get the Checkpoint.

Who uses rewind? I didn’t think that any real gamer would use it. You just need to learn the tracks.

A bit harsh. Not everyone has the same definition of Real Gamer, nor do all players have the same goals for the game. Every player does not have the spare time needed to master each track. Each of us find enjoyment in the games in our own way.


I even have rewind “on” while driving track that i use testing cars even tho i have drive over 5000 laps in that track. And i even use rewind sometimes when mess up when watch stream too mutch.

That misses the point where you get stuck in the missed checkpoint reset loop in a multiplayer race.


I’m a pretty good clean driver on the game and I even use rewind. You can never account for someone bumping you outside the flag, hench freeroam being the best event on the game lol. I almost lost a championship yesterday because a newbie knocked me outside the flag. Good thing I had a big enough point lead that I won the room by a single point

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I turned off rewind simply for the extra 15% credit boost, because I’m greedy. :smiley: I definitely miss it at times, especially while racing online and/or learning a new course.