Mismatched season content in my game vs other players


I have a problem where my Forzathon content doesn’t match other players. Last week There was Mazdamania which I had and so did my friend, all was working fine. Now there is “world’s thoughest rally with MINI” (2 of my mates have this) while I have “Snake Charmer” with GT500. Other Forzathon racer are also mismatched which causes game crash on race loading screene or when I’m crossing the finish line.
Screenshot below is in polish but You still can see my nick and race type/emblem.

My other problem is dub/narrator. Yeasterday we where replaying over and over “fastest in the road” job and we had to listen to the same cutscene many times over. All we could do is Narrator set to 1 which is still audible. Added to this is no “replay” option after failed attempt…