Mirrors are disappointing

I have two gripes about this amazing game.

  1. The F1 Cars are way to damn twitch IMO - I can live with this because there are so many other types of racing that are fantastic in the game (Would be nice if the difficulty could go up a little higher.)

  2. The mirrors in all of the cars are terrible!
    I do not understand how you could make such improvements to the game and then allow subpar rearview mirrors. The mirrors have a different contrast from what you see in front of you, there is no lines or markings on the road when you look in the mirrors and when you are in 1st person mode in the Indycar the right mirror shows what the left side of the track and left mirror shows the right side of the track. C’mon man!!!

Do anybody else agree with me on the mirrors? I have gotten to the point where i do not even race in first person mode anymore.