Mint 1997 BMW M3

This is my drifting bmw m3. The mods on it will be listed below! Here I have a picture of myself and my m3 going sideways through a turn. Mint m3 getting sideways

Bmw M3 e92 V8 engine swap
Twin turbo
Race clutch
Race tranny
Race driveshaft
Race diff
Race brakes
Race spring and dampers
Race front and rear antiroll bars
Race reinforcement
Sport weight reduction
Race intake
Race fuel system
Race ignition
Race exhaust
Race cams and valves
Race valves
Race engine block
Race pistons
Race twin turbo
Race intercooler
Race oil cooler
Race flywheel
Race tire compound
Max rear wheel width
American Racing Outlaw wheels (both rear and front rim size is two sizes up from stock)

That sums up my drift build!