Minor Issues : Accolades

Hey there,

I looked over the forum to see if there was a thread about overall feedback or bug reports but couldn’t find any.

If you guys find any other accolades with a wrong description or impossible to unlock, please post below, I will edit my message over the time.

1: “Just Taking a Shortcut”
Numbers need to be tweaked. 1# in the world (which is potientally a cheater) have managed to achieve 29 seconds with a hypercar.

2: “Wait and C”
Doing any drift zone with a class C with a 600 score don’t unlock the accolade, anything in the range of 501-599 seems to work.

3: “Drift It, Flick It, Spin It”
Doesn’t unlock at all

4: “Angle of Attack[”
Doesn’t unlock at all


I’ve noticed the same thing happening with specifically the shortcut on the final Lucha storyline. Which is a huge bummer because it’s the only one that doesn’t work.


Got the same issue with the Lucha storyline one.
Also couldn’t unlock:

  • Stories/El Camino/The Third Statue of Tlaloc
  • Speed Zones/Supercharged Stunts
  • Speed Zones/Travel Light
  • Speed Zones/Trophy Truck To The Rescue
  • Speed Zones/Desert Ready

only this one! you can get the other :wink:

I had tried 3 times to get it to no avail, tried again and it unlocked fine. thanks for pointing out it’s achievable

3 tries on Supercharged Sunts @>130mph average. No unlock. Are you sure this one is doable?

Seriously! It’s like someone threw together a list of random words that sometimes had something to do with each other, then threw darts at them, like trying to win a goldfish at the funfair!

Every time I pick a new accolade to aim for, I find out after wasting half an hyour on th darn thing, it is actually “not scripted”!

Has anyone gotten the Artful Dodger to work?

Or the Running in the 90s?

aand the Tofu delivery?

Seems the drift accolades are broken across the board

EDIT: Piling on more accolades that are seemingly broken


  • NO PARACHUTE NEEDED: tooltip is broken, says 50m, Accolade unlocked with a +500m jump.
  • SUPRA HIGH: tooltip is broken, says 50m. Accolade unlocked with a +500m jump.
  • TAKING A MORRIS OVER A DANGER HILL: tooltip is broken, says 50m, Havent been able to unlock yet, with +200m jump.
  • NO YACHT TO LAND ON: tooltip is broken, says 50m, Haven’t been able to unlock yet, with +250m jump.

Speed Zones

  • SUPERCHARGED STUNTS: several attempts over the required 100mph avg. speed, No unlock
  • TRAVEL LIGHT: same as above, attempts over the required 100mph avg. speed, No unlock
  • TROPHY TRUCK TO THE RESCUE: same as above, attempts over the required 80mph avg. speed, No unlock
  • DESERT READY: same as above, attempts over the required 100mph avg. speed, No unlock
  • A RADICAL RIDE: same as above, attempts over the required 130mph avg. speed, No unlock

If anyone has been able to unlock these, please let me know

I got that one on the dangersign where it showed the accolade if you point on it on the map, can’t remember which one that was (Launch control maybe?). I first tried some others and it didn’t work there.

LA Cruz Danger Sign


For the ones about “do 50 ft in x car” like “No Yacht to land on”, they’re height, not distance.

The first three you can do with a strong enough tune and a few attempts.

  • No Parachute Needed
    Supra High
    Taking a Morris over Danger Hill - this one has a typo - the 58 Morris works.

Just set up a nice tune and go wild.

The “No yacht to land on” is a mess, there’s no ramp. But you can get the accolade from creative mode.
Try challenge card 142 544 832.

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I’ve created a Super7 event for the people having a hard time with the Morris Minor accolade. Share code 413 280 556.
Please note that it might be bugged in the first try (as in no ramp is shown at the danger sign location), please try again after that, or leave me a message if it’s still not working.

Hope this works. Please mind that after completing this accolade, you will need to redo other danger side accolades that you’ve already completed (completely bugged at the moment …).

Thanks, this worked first time for me and no need to redo any danger sign accolades either. Now just need a fix for No Yacht to Land on, Supra High and No Parachute Needed


Please see below post from another use in another topic:

"I have followed this example and created Super7 Events for
No Yacht To Land On (331 892 935)
Supra High (748 535 851)

Same rules as above apply, sometimes the ramp doesn’t spawn. Both events are created by me ‘Uber Tel’

You don’t need to beat the event, just get enough distance to clear the accolade."

Hope it works without issues. For “No Parachute Needed”, you can try and create a challenge card yourself and place a ramp at the danger sign location, that might trigger the accolade completion.

Thanks for those too. I created a Super7 for the “No Parachute Needed” accolade and can be found with share code: 132 192 231

I’ve found a few bugged/unobtainable accolades that haven’t been mentioned here.

Street Racing
Shaken not stirred - Win a street race in a 1977 Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Car doesn’t exist in the game.

Planes, Sculptures and Automobiles - Drive from Aeródromo en La Selva to San Sebastian in under 2 minutes. Completed and registered, but resets upon exiting the game.
Great Escape - Drive from Horizon Wilds Outpost to Aeródromo en La Selva in under 2 minutes. Completed and registered, but resets upon exiting the game.
Monster Destroyer - Win the Buggy and the Beast Showcase Event. I won the event (yes the race part) but it hasn’t registered.

Drifty Smash Smash - Earn 2 Ultimate Drift Skills and 3 Sideswipe Combos in 2 minutes. Completed and registered, but resets upon exiting the game.
Ultimate Road Warrior - Earn 1 Ultimate Drift or Ultimate E-Drift, 1 Ultimate Speed and 1 Ultimate Air Skill in 2 minutes. Completed and registered, but resets upon exiting the game.

Getting Creative - Have a published vinyl shape that has been used 5 times. (Plus the subsequently unlocked accolades that follow from this). Vinyl uses aren’t tracked.

I also have problems with festival. I do the accolades and a few minutes later they show as I never did them. It is annoying, have done them like 20 times, completed them, and later one they show as never done.

OK, I tried to unlock the accolades concerning the unbeatable drivatars but it never works. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?


I’m trying to do the wild truck accolade. I completed a circuit and cross-country race. Not sure if I’m doing the correct thing or if it’s a bug.

I discovered that while completing the Festival accolades and I quit or restart the game, then some accolades show incomplete even though I received the accolade before quitting/restarting.

Wild truck Accolade



Apex outpost

Street Racing

Win a Street Race in a 1977 Aston Martin V8 Vantage - I can’t find the car in the Auto Show or Auction, so is it even in the game?

Road Racing

Win in an 2018 Aston Martin Vantage - same as above, can’t find the car anywhere.

Speed Zones - Criteria met but won’t open.

Supercharged Stunts.
Travel Light
A Radical Ride

Drift zones - Criteria met but won’t open

Drift it, flick it, spin it
Running in the 90’s


Water Performance - achievement unlocked/accolade locked
Just taking a shortcut - surely this is impossible?

Danger signs - criteria met

No parachute needed
Supra high
Taking a Morris over the danger hill
No yacht to land on


6 photo ones in El Camino
4 shortcut ones in Test Driver.

I have several Skills accolades which keep resetting themselves too, but I can’t be bothered to look through them ATM.