Minions Forza 6

Hi all,

Put this together yesterday to try & lighten the tone in another thread. Came out pretty well as a paint in it’s own right & had a couple of chaps show an interest, so stuck it in my Storefront as a freebie today.

It’s some of the things we know about FM6 with added Minions;

Cheers all, catch you later it’s Wednesday night pub quiz time again



Anything with a Minion gets my download!!!
Love it, the minions look fantastic.

This will be a nice addition to my DM collection of cars and paints.
Thanks =)

Cheers gents,

Good to see you’re still with us Pocket & CC anything of mine you want I’m sure we can sort.

I’m hoping to pick up an Xbone in the next couple of weeks, so need to keep my eye in for painting over that side.

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Looks great, DM - very cool idea/design ;]

I can sum up my thoughts on the paint with the third picture you posted…

Amazing job DamMe! ; )

Thanks Kool & Yakov.

Got the Marilyn paint to add to my SF next, maybe at the weekend. Although it’s a 4th July thing, so got potentially another week yet to put that up before the big day, will let folk know when she’s up though, never know might have something else done in the meantime

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Nice work, look forward to seeing what you can do with sooo many more layers

Thanks Windswept - Hmm yes it’ll be odd to not run out of layers or at least not as quickly - although there’s a certain discipline to working within the 1000 that does add creativity probably

Yeah I liked the limit and its not like people were struggling to produce good stuff.

I’m not sure I’d say I liked the limit, especially not when I have had a tendency to run into it over the years lol.

Still it’ll be interesting to see just how quickly I can burn through the extra layers and how the finished article compares on the new console

Doesnt matter how many eyes you put on it I think youll struggle to hit the limit this time. Lol

Aye but it might be fun trying & never underestimate my stamp twist stamp painting approach!

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Have you ever put the picture in your sig on a car?

Not exactly Pocket - Snakeyes made me that sig after I did the Revelations/ Eye Opener Mazda that’s still in my SF. So I kind of painted her eye but doubt I’d have enough layers to attempt the whole girl

Well you’re going to have enough layers soon enough. Thread comes full circle. Great job on the minions DM, and can’t wait to see Marilyn!
Edit: found Marilyn, WOW!

yea, yea… this post is all 'bout the minions, but as koiftt just said - “found Marilyn, WOW!” yes…indeed. nicely done DM!

Lets make it three in a row…WOW!!!

Cheers Koiftt, DesigningLeek & Costless a wow is definitely a good thing for one of my designs. Beats an hmm not so sure or, why, just why anyday. I’m sure I’ve prompted both reactions before lol.

It may just be me but since the fm6 announcement, things seemed to have slowed on fm4 - I know I’m hoping to have an xbone in time for its release - probably even have some practice in either Fm5 or Horizon2 to get me up to speed & have a paint or two ready at launch. Hopefully some of you/ all will make the leap as well.

Having taken a lengthy break from the forums & game it has been great to be welcomed back by people who still have a passion for the game.

Thank you for rekindling some of that spark.

This isn’t a goodbye or anything just something I wanted to say & now seemed as good a time as any.

Cheers all