MiMiC's stuff

Just in case I actually finish a few paints and a few I transfered over and a couple reworked.

Don’t expect to much :slight_smile:

Not expecting much MiMiC… but I expect it’ll be good.

You doing anything Insa related? That would be cool :wink:

What’s INSA? Anything like isis? :slight_smile:

LoL! I was thinking more along the lines of buxom babes… pink paint… shoe fetish???

Had a rummage through my Photobucket & sure enough found the paint you did… back in FM3!!

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Can’t wait to see what’s goes on in here,I remember your old paints,very nice.

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This is such a cool idea!

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Thank you

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bout time you showed up :slight_smile:

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They took me wheels

Blowing off dust