Military & veterans= sound off!

Bottom line up front: I’m going to start a race team/club/ group/ clan/ gaggle/ or whatever you heathens might want to call it for active military and veterans to race with & conduct all sorts of different shenanigans in Forza Motorsports 6!

FM6 offers many, many opportunities to conduct many different varieties of racing & the group would utilize FM6’s diversity in racing, tuning competitions, painting, hot lapping, etc… etc… etc…

That being said, I would like to gauge interest for such a group and also see who & how many out there are or were in the military…this is not just for U.S Military…it will be open for any military that the U.S. is allies with.

Additionally; I would like to open this group to military dependents past & present… especially Gold Star family members. I will say that you must 100% not be easily offended or bothered by course language because it is a military heathen group after all…LOL!

I understand that non-military folks may feel excluded & I’m sorry for that… however… the group’s mission is to establish a place for veterans, especially ones that have disabilities such as myself (PTSD, TBI, other physical issues) to come together & have the comradery that is common place in the military.

I will say that I see no issues in having very patriotic & pro-military supporters race with us on a space available situation. Heck, maybe even have a section within the group of supporters… a team within a team if you will.

I will hold off on naming the group & other specifics until there’s enough folks to add their opinions… this will be “our” group… not just “my” group! I want as many people to add input so that you feel you have ownership in the life of this group… ownership of the mission if you will!

So now I will “sound off” about myself; details to follow:

I’ve been a U.S. Marine for 20 years and will be retiring in less than a month. I’ve also been in combat & served multiple combat tours in both Afghanistan & Iraq. I have been battling the symptoms of PTSD for 12 years & it is a fight everyday. I have a really jacked up back, hips, knees, & feet. I have permanent nervous system damage in my lower body due to being exposed to an unidentified toxin(s) while in the “Big Sandbox”.

I’ve found that Forza games have been my escape & distraction from the intrusive memories of combat, has helped me break out of my anti-social shell (though I still have a hard time actually getting on the mic & talking to folks), it also helps by distracting my mind away from the severe & constant 24/7 pain I endure.

So… that’s a bit about me & hopefully other military members & veterans will follow suite so that we can have some good times in the Forza world.

Lastly, if any of you know military members or veterans that play Forza please make them aware of this thread & what I’m trying to accomplish. Also, if you are not in the military, veteran, or dependent still feel free to comment on this thread if you are interested in being a part of this group in a supporter type team/branch of the group.

So sound off!

Count me in! Great idea Outkast.

I did almost 22 in the Air Force. Worked aircraft structures. Back in the govt, same job, but as a civilian now after a six month break selling Nissans.

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Retired USAF, also battling service connected disabilities. Forza has actually helped in the rehabilitation of nerve damage in my hand, and helped me through a lot of painful/difficult times.
I try to be fairly consistent with my game play time, and would try to participate.


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OUTSTANDING Slugnuts & Hippie!!!

BTW!!! ALL SKILL SETS are welcome!

That’s good, because I am still learning this game after 10 years of playing it.


I’m not a member of the military and never have been but I would sincerely like to thank each and every one of you for your service and sacrifices that you’ve made for this country. Best of luck on getting this club/whatever up and running. Wishing you the best.


Additionally… I forgot to mention this in my original post:

You can already be with a race team & still be in our military group… our group is to be low on drama & silly by rules… it is all about comradery & fun!

I have spoken with a few others who are interested, I referred them to you on Xbox Live, so they may be getting in contact soon.

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Sorry it took me so long to post here, a lot going on in the springtime In Michigan ( un-hibernating ). LOL
I would like to be included in this group. I was in the Air Force over 30 years ago but I did not make a career of it. I was lucky to be in during peace time so I was never involved in any conflict. I have Just a massive amount of respect for any military members, active, reserve, and retired! You all are the reason I have the freedom to write this!!! I am a huge NASCAR fan and try as hard as I can to stay clean but I am not the best driver and I do make errors. Also not the fastest but not many have as much fun as me😃 You may equal my fun but hard to believe you can have more.

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To all of those HEROS that have given so much to defend the freedom of MANKIND, To the fallen, to the Purple Hearts, to those who are wagering the long battle with PTSD and physical problems and to those who are away from home…THANK YOU for your service.
I am the son of a Vietnam vet who did 4 tours (Marines E7) and the father of a future Marine, wish you all the best on your new endeavor and wish nothing but the best on this idea of your.

Semper Fi.


11bravo here. Merica.

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AFSC 1C271 “First There”
I miss it every day, still, after more than 15 years of retirement.

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I’m a Combat Vet US Army MP, served 1 tour in the Sand Box back when the [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] hit the fan 03 to 04. My unit was attached to the 1st MEF (Marines) for 4 months, and i must say we where treated well by those Marines, definitly Tip of the spear. I ETS back in 07. I actually miss it. Anyways Gentlemen Thank you all for serving. I will do my best to participate, i tend to have a very busy schedule. Every Thursday I get on F6.

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This sounds interesting… 2ND MARDIV / 2ND TANK BN 96-00
Currently with Cummins Engine Co as a Field Service Tech. I’m always looking for good racing, hit me up " SGT EDUBB"

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Gentlemen…Solid copy on all… we are getting a foothold & I definitely think there’s already enough of us heathens to form an actual team… or maybe it’s more of a gaggle… regardless, let’s get this thing formed.

Before I continue… I’ve got to give a shout out to HLR SLAYER because this was his idea & asked me for my opinion. We were originally going to be co-founders until he was offered a leadership position within the race team he’s a part of. I told him I would carry on with the idea because of how good this gaggle of heathenism would be for us veterans. So… what I’m saying is that HLR SLAYER, a young man in the process of joining the military service, is for all intensive purpose a founder of this team.

Now…1st order of business… team name: Slayer came up with a couple of names & Til’ Valhalla Motorsports was the one that I liked the best. However, I’m going to do something that the military seldom let’s us do… have a choice, opinion, & say in the matter at hand by getting input from the members of the team.

What I would like is to get some ideas for a team name from you all. I like TVM but I’m no king…lol… lets get our warped minds working to come up with a name. If it involves profanity… PM me the idea… hehehe

HSLD = High Speed Low Drag
VRC = Veterans Racing Community/Clan

The drop of the NASCAR Expansion & the fact that I do NASCAR designs got delayed the progress of getting the group organized. One thing I ask of you guys is to get the word out to any of your friends that is on Forza & are military affiliated.

For suggested names of our gaggle of heathens we have the following, so far:

TVM = 'Til Valhalla Motorsports

HSLD = High Speed Low Drag

VRC = Veterans Racing Community/Clan

MVR = Military & Veteran Racing

ZFG = Zero ______ Given (you know what the F stands for but don’t want a mod edit)

WGR = War God Racing

*** y’all make some suggestions of your own or pick one of the above please ***

Additionally; upon better organization & additional members added I will make a Facebook page so that we can talk the way we want to talk (profanity laden talk) w/o having to worry about breaking forum rules.

I am definitely interested! How do I sign up? I’m always looking for good people to cruise/race with. Usually I’m on during the weekends.

US Army, 160th SOAR (A), 15U Chinook guy here.